Joey King posted a photo of her producer, Boyfriend Steven Ping, on Instagram


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Joey King, who is set to debut on Emmys this year, will be working on her Hulu limited series. Behavior: The eight-part project stars King in the role of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, starring her mother Dee Dee (published by Patricia Arquette) in a high-profile crime story.

In addition to the awards, the series brings something else for the royal life. She recently disappeared with a potential date with her Behavior Producer Steven Piet. What the couple should know about the future CEO if Emmys attends together.

He could date the king

Earlier this month, King and co-producer co-produced the show at Cinespia Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The couple is seen coming out with King’s two sisters, Hunter and Kelli, and their dates. A viewer E! News, “It simply came to our notice then She and her two sisters were watching a movie together. Joey and Steven spent the whole time watching together happily. They drink alcohol. They laughed with their sisters.

King shared photos to Instagram in the evening.

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Piet is also a writer-director

In addition to production Behavior, Piet also directed two key drama series. He starred in the play’s latest film, “Free,” with five episodes; King even highlighted the fifth episode InstagramStill in production, “Part 5 is here, one of my favorite. @Theactonhulu.”

In an interview with Vanity FairAbout his experience working with Piet’s shed. Open BehaviorIncluding the king. He said.I feel like I need to go back to work as much as I can. To keep the camera in the right place; I feel like these amazing actors can do their best … Sometimes I get so frustrated at their shows that I forget to say ‘cut it off’.

Piet’s other credits include co-writing and directing in 2015 Uncle JohnAppeared at SXSW Film Festival and his work on the Syfy series’ Zero line versus Artist:

Greenwich Film Festival 2015 - Day 2

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He is from Chicago

In February Deadline Reported on the first contract signed between Piet and Universal Content Productions to develop scripted programming. In the paper, Piet is a Chicago native and graduated with a degree in film from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Piet and King have blocked their possible romance from social media

No party has confirmed the connection; in fact, Piet doesn’t have much Twitter or Instagram. Unlike the king’s previous relationship The kiss tent Star Jacob Elordi (Spotted on holiday Recently with him Euphoria Associate star Zendaya)’s photos of the couple have been left ‘gram’.

Various Annual Hollywood Youth Talent - Arrival

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Emmys debuts Piet and King’s red carpet Or it could be an opportunity for them to celebrate together after a party.

until now

After Christmas 2020, the King shared a photo of her and Piet paired with a Christmas tree. “Chr! Stmas !,” captioned her photo.

Submitted by Instagram You can search for the same content in other ways; Or you can find more information about them on their website.

He also posted two more selfies.

joey King Lover

King JoeInstagram

joey King Lover Christmas

King JoeInstagram

Happy Holidays!

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