Kawhi needs eight mouthfuls after a ‘terrible’ collision


Bleeding jam Kawhi Leonard Forced by LA Clippers‘At the game Denver Nuggets After a collision with a teammate at 4pm on Friday night, eight stitches are needed to treat an oral injury.

Serge Ibaka When Leonard’s face and elbow hit the floor and he immediately dropped the All-Star on the floor, he jumped for a defensive jump. Leonardo bled profusely from his mouth as he was being treated in court before returning to the locker room with the number 6:77 remaining in the game.

when Paul George Leonardo was devastated after a blood clot on the floor.

“I was really worried,” George said. “I thought of the worst,” he said. He did not know how difficult it would be if he was injured [it was] What happened when I could not really see? I saw him lying on the ground. He made sure it was OK.

In the absence of Leonard in the second half, the Clippers were able to get a little revenge by beating Nuggets with a big lead. 121-108: After blowing a 3-1 series lead to Los Angeles, Denver previously clinched the second round of PLAYOFF.

When asked what the Clippers told them to keep calm without Leonard, coach Tyronn Lue said: “I do not say anything. “You know, another person. We know Kawhi is a great player. If he goes down he has to think that everyone needs to get up.”

Leonard left with the Clippers 108-97. He has 21 points. 7 goals 5 Jump back. He stole 4 in 30 minutes.

“I did not even see him,” Leonardo said. “… He’ll be fine. He got up and walked to the floor.”

Front trim Nicolas Batum He spoke to Leonardo after the race;

I don’t want any player. [to] Make it flow with blood all over your body and on the floor. When you see him in the closet, he is comfortable.

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