Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi Webster have a family holiday party – E! Online


Christmas Twins Kelly Jenner And daughter Stormi Webster Sports-related events include watching the festival; Instead of partying every year, they and their families spend more time together, enjoying the time of mother and daughter.

On Christmas Day, Friday, 23-year-old Kelly put it on her Instagram Two photos of her and Stormi (2) are seen in bright red dresses. The Rising with the Kardashians Star, who recently Her black hair dyed blackShe has a long neck. Her daughter wears a shirt and white sneakers with matching pumps and long sleeves.

Christmas Eve Kelly wears a photo of herself. Standing in front of a Christmas-lit bush. Writing“Mrs. Closs.”

Earlier in the night, her sister Kourtney Kardashian Posted on her Instagram She is standing outside her house next to a snowman, dressed in a miniature Christmas dress with a brown and red holiday look. “Come with the family tonight, I wish you all a happy and secure Christmas Eve,” she said.

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