Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster steals a show from a delightful Christmas video. Online


“My mother has these things,” Kolly said of the ornaments. “Every year we grow up with the same plants. We have a green tree with all these ornaments. Last year, someone sold their Christopher Radko collection. So I bought the whole collection. I would like to have my own collection.

Kylie told viewers that Kris would not share her collection with her to her, so she bought it herself.

In August Kris for sale Her Hidden Hills, California. The Rising with the Kardashians The matriarch and manager own other properties in California.

In this video, Kylie shows her Stormi; Colorful Christmas dresses featuring the names of Kris and the girl were also on display. Corey Gamble‘s.

“Our mother made Christmas special for all of us.” I want to do the same for Stormi. “

Later, Kylie wore party-sized costumes, Santa Claus and the gingerbread house and the other grama Christmas tree. One is filled with large white and yellow ball ornaments to match the room. Both were designed by trees Jeff Leatham:

The room contained two white fluffy socks bearing the names of Kylie and Stormi, one hanging on a mantel.

“This is me, and this is my mother,” Stormi said before launching Jormle Bells magazine.

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