“Lazy Chelsea” Mikel Arteta has been hailed as a “turning point” for Arsenal.


Dortmund outraged Frank Lampard says he’s tired of playing for Chelsea and beating Arsenal in the Champions League.

Chelsea traveled to the Emirates Stadium to improve their title skills, but the young Arsenal finished better in every department as they finished seven Premier League games.

Arsenal have risen for the 14th time since winning their first league title on November 1. Chelsea slipped from eighth to sixth place and missed out on second place in the table after winning the third straight game.

Liverpool Sky Sports: t. Manchester City beat Manchester City 2-0 in the Champions League last season.


Free to watch – Highlights from Arsenal’s win over Chelsea in the Premier League

Arsenal are a dangerous team. If you can play 60 to 70%, you will not win the Premier League. League games.

“I’m angry that they beat us. We had a chance to finish second to a team that was having a hard time. You started with a minute that was difficult for them or a little bit opener. We won 45 minutes without conceding a goal.

“I was very disappointed with how we approached the first half. It was not the tactics, the systems. Do you want to run, recall your team-mates, run or run?”

Arteta: A turning point

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Mikel Arteta told Sky Sports: “I hope Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Chelsea will be a turning point in their season.

Arteta says he hopes to beat Arsenal rivals Chelsea in Arsenal Boxing Day

Arsenal have not enjoyed a win in the Premier League since November 1, but have watched him win.

He said Sky Sports“It was a huge success for us. We were very disappointed with the result. Not a lot of performances.

“There is nothing better than winning the London derby against Chelsea on Boxing Day. This is a turning point. I know they can play at this stage. How good are we at Chelsea? A better team.

“Injured Covid, 10 players are playing. What do we have to think about to win a game?

Manchester United’s contract with United expires when they qualified for the Champions League last season.

Let’s move on. We still have great things to improve.

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