Libra Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

Monday the 21st of December begins the heavenly “cozy season”, when the sun sets in Capricorn and your pleasant, cozy fourth house. This does not mean that you switch to total hermit mode, but for the next four weeks you can be busy resetting Chateau Libra. Do you need another roommate situation (as if no one or moves in with bae)? Or maybe you have grown out of your neighborhood and are ready to pull bets – all over the city or maybe the whole country? Don’t worry about it being the “wrong” time to start checking lists and going into open houses. No one will force you to commit, and getting a sense of what’s out there (or not) can help you make a bigger life decision. Beyond the generous spirit of the season, this is a wonderful time to forgive a relative or find your way to a new peace with a push of a button in your social circle. You know what they are saying Weight: You can not control the actions of others, only YOUR reactions!

Monday is not only the winter solstice, but it becomes a special tide of conditions when Jupiter and Saturn establish an exact connection at 0º29 ‘Aquarius. This mashup, which only happens every 20 years, is known among astrologers as The Great Conjunction. Now put on the festive clothes – if only to make a fashionable look on social media. This planetary pairing strengthens your fifth house with fame, glamor and true romance – which will continue throughout 2021. Even though you have made (and refined) your relationship checklist 100 times, the worldly Jupiter could expand your palette even more. Long distance can be worth a try, even for tactile libraries. Cross-cultural connections can heat up close to home. While it’s a bummer that the holiday soiree circuit won’t light up in 2020, pick up the entertainment director’s baton for the coming year. Virtual events are getting an advanced upgrade with you at the helm! With this stylish world of your chart enabled, dress up as if your “big reveal” could happen at any time (because it could). Creatively you are a fuego! Saturn brings the sensible solutions; Jupiter delivers the visionary ideas. You may kill by selling your handmade goods or being paid as an influencer. In matters of the heart, the great conjunction could herald all sorts of incredible developments, from a meant-to-be-soulmate encounter to a bold next step with your long-term love.

Put the emotional hatches down on Wednesday! Exciting Mars in your partnership houses space with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, sending a wave of villains across your otherwise calm sea of ​​emotions. Your sign of harmony search goes a long way in maintaining peace, yet it does not take much to tip your Libran scales out of the way. And wherever they go, your temper goes. A Mars-Pluto tussle is one of the heavier celestial mashups, and it can really throw you off for a loop. Remind yourself that as suddenly as this storm occurred, it will die down again and you do not want to do any security damage in the meantime. When whitecaps simmer down and the clouds part, you will see that there IS a silver lining here. Anger, negativity and even bad behavior are part of life – and relationships. Filling it down or burying your head in the sand to get together does no one any good. So when intense emotions are blowing in, don’t let them work their way into your cells and organ tissues. Treat them internally (or with a therapist type), then find a healthy way to express them.

Need inspiration? Focus on the hot makeup sex that is on the other side of this! It should be easily accessible to many libraries on Christmas Eve and day thanks to the sensual Bull Moon that slid through your erotic eighth house. (Do not come knocking if the Christmas tree is rocking?) Whether it is single or partnership, a text or a starving look from a naughty elf may be all that is required to make you spin. Slipping out in a private moment could be the challenging part. But where there is a will, there is a way!

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