Live Bitcoin exchange goes offline after Bitcoin price exceeds $ 320K


In the aftermath of a hacker attack on Christmas Day, Livecoin abruptly shut down a little-known Russian secret currency exchange program. According to Livecoin Home PageThe exchange suffered a “carefully planned attack” that affected its servers, servers, and servers. All backend and nodes were controlled by the platform.

Exchange services, including trade and APIs. “We could not stop our service in time. Our news channels are also weak. We can now place this announcement on the main page of Livecoin, as we now have partial control over the frontend.

According to Livecoin, it is trying to take control of its servers. He promised to make security upgrades in the next few days. The exchange said it was cooperating with “local police authorities.”

According to some ReportsThe incident took place between December 23 and December 24. Hackers appear to be taking over Livecoin’s infrastructure and fixing unusual prices on exchange prices.

Co-founder of YellowBlock A crypto education website known as Cryptorangutang He said Bitcoin (BTCOn December 24, over $ 320,000 on stage surpassed $ 320,000. “In any case, I’m not trying to get dollars here. Your funds will increase.

According to exchange user comments on Livecoin’s illegal telegram GroupAlthough the exchange is short, the exchange does not run at the time of publication Open A login page. Some Reddit users, too Recommended Livecoin’s “hack” could be a classic exit scam

Livecoin did not immediately respond to a request from Cointelegraph. No official social media account is exchanged on Twitter or Telegram.

At the time of publication, Livecoin’s trading volume was not available on major crypto tracking websites Mingun versus CoinMarketCap: Received Livecoin news on December 24 Step There are 173 crypto exchanges with a daily trading volume of around $ 16 million.

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