Maharashtra Tourism: Mission resumes


“We want to build a hospice industry as a major industry for the states. With a similar industry,” he said. Great stop “CONGREGATIONS INDIA: Government, Political, Sport & Religious Events Summit” will be held on December 24. Environment and Protocol Minister Aaditya Thackeray said. 2020.

Thackeray wore Santa’s hat and provided military tracking for the development and growth of the venue and the hospitality industry. The pre-Christmas 2020 interaction is magical.

Aaditya Thackery Posted: Event Industry Maharashtra Tourism Is forming the Events Board, which began in early 2020.

The minister made policy changes related to the incident, similar to the ality practice. This includes revising the license to make it easier to operate and streamline incentives for MICE, as well as attracting global events to Maharashtra.

“There are two things we will do in the next few weeks,” he said. On the one hand, To interact with the government; Ways to move forward and how can this industry really be promoted? We will all form an incident board to rebuild this severely damaged industry. It is caused by an infectious disease. On the other hand, we will make regular physical interactions; Only then can we hear from you. I want to hear your views on what we can do better and what we can do right than what I am saying. ”

Sabbas Joseph, co-founder and director general of Wizcraft International, immediately responded to the minister with the support and cooperation of the event and EEMA leaders to assist the minister in transforming cooperation between the government and industry.

In the past three months, the minister has increased the required number of licenses from 70 to 10 in order to share what has been done in the area of ​​Allied hospice compliance. It states that 70 to 8 and 15 application forms are needed. NOCs New establishments currently require only nine personal certificates.

The long-awaited sector of compliance is defined as ‘industry’. This is my age. “By working together, we hope to be able to make similar policy changes for the event,” he confirmed.

I want to be a supporter of tourism

Joseph, a middle-aged man, said the Maharashtra had started to shake the beach in eight places. Promoting agricultural tourism; Construction of partner resorts (with long-term leases) with hospitable compliance; Mumbai 24 × 7 and Wankhede tour were even mentioned.

Saddened by the speed of the Minister and the Department of Tourism under him, the Minister said, “I am in a hurry because it is very important every day. Because there is no day to waste. If you look at climate change or tourism, building it every day is really important.

When asked about the launch of the “Divine Maharashtra” with the IRCTC, Maharashtra is a shrine of all religions that attracts pilgrims, but from a tourism perspective. There was no official viewing.

“God’s tourism is a way of exploiting them. I’m not talking about money or income. What we are looking for is to get them there; To spend the night there; They are ready for bed and breakfast. Only then can they pray with all their heart. Pedestrian Buying a car; Praying for the pilgrims to be comforted. “Through prayer, I think we should really support these instruments of hope.” It has nothing to do with religion.

Thackeray pointed to Shirdi, the second busiest airport in Maharashtra, after Mumbai, with more facilities and businesses to help religious sites last.

Thackeray first allocated Rs 1,200 crore in March 2020 in response to Joseph’s suggestion to boost Maharashtra tourism against the backdrop of Covid19 budget cuts. A 67% reduction in development due to infectious diseases is used throughout the board.

“Tourism is about health, With the exception of the house and other couples, expenditures were reduced as in other departments. But Maharashtra Tourism seems to be thinking of making it its own place.

“Tourism is twofold,” he said. One is to do. Another is the beach resort. It is a beach shack or luxury resort. It’s a vibe we create between the two of them. Here comes the promotion.

He added that the tourism industry needs to create that vibe and take over the business from it.

“I want to make this department more authoritative than micro-management,” he said. It is not our job to make small hotels or restaurants or create tourist attractions. You are from Britain. In markets such as New Zealand and other markets, tourism motivates citizens and businesses to demonstrate their capabilities and capabilities globally. People from all over the world are welcome to return to their homes, ”Thackeray explained.

Harassment on tourism potential: I want a tourism portfolio

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister remarked that Maharashtra was different from natural beauty. Adventure destinations; He noted that although they were blessed with many places of worship and tourist attractions, they were not trying to reach their full potential.

He commented: “Why did we not use our state for tourism?

This tourism department is often referred to as the “side” department. An officer or minister to be set aside is assigned to this department. The difference is that I asked for this department. This is the only reason. I am a great supporter of our economy. Revenue flow; I see great potential for job creation and tourism growth in the state.

“Tourism replaces the human experience with machinery. This is an unavailable part. Maharashtra and India are a promising sector for development.

Balancing tourism and the environment;

“Balancing Tourism and the Environment for Sustainable Development: Can Great Leadership Under Young Thackeray?” Looking back at Joseph’s discussion topic, Joseph asked the minister how he would balance the two ministries and his view on sustainable development.

Regarding his experience in his tourism industry and environment (2), Thackeray said that in some respects they were able to come together; Running against others; “Sometimes there are conflicts with each other,” he said.

Boats are huge anywhere in the world. Whether you have a motorboat or a non-motorized boat, Flipside is there. Take a beach stick, for example. Beach shack tourism is always going to grow multifold in states like Maharashtra. Compared to Goa, we are in the Great Wall and the amount of opportunities we are currently creating is really crazy. Sea water Tortoise nest Migratory birds need to be investigated whether solid or liquid waste is dumped into the sea, whether treated or not.

“This is not for tourism,” said Thackeray, who is dressed as environment minister and climate change activist. I talk about sustainability for two things. One is a sustainable model for the environment. The second is a sustainable business model. How do we balance both of us? It will become a sustainable lifestyle. I do not want to live in a mask 24/7 for the rest of my life. We want to breathe fresh air. ”


Asked about the reopening of the tourism and incident industries, which have been adversely affected by the Covid19 epidemic and sanctions, the minister stressed the need for a cautious approach.

“Many states open quickly and close most of what they have,” he said. With ‘Mission Begin Again’, what we are trying to do is shocking. It painfully opens slowly and carefully, but it does not close everything we open. This is because opening and closing can be more detrimental to any business.

“I want events to happen for Maharashtra. I want to grow MICE. There are a lot of things that can be done at EEMA when it comes to concerts, concerts, theaters, live shows. I want to be an active state, so I have strictly adhered to the 24/7 permission,” he said.

So we will be open. This is not the case with concerts with 50 people. In addition, some performers, including artists and politicians, have to speak at video conferences to reach a wider audience. “But we hope to be able to do that soon,” Thackeray said.


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