Mexico’s second-richest man says Bitcoin is his “best investment”.


Rico Salinas Pliego, chairman of Grupo Salinas and Mexico’s second-richest conglomerate, said in an interview with Cointelegraph that he bought his first Bitcoin for around $ 200. It was his “best investment” according to a billionaire.

He held on to all of his highs until 2017, when he sold all of his positions for $ 17,000 and later bought them back at a bargain price.

“We are always returning to the crime scene.”

Salinas now owns about 10% of its BTC stake and has no plans to sell anytime soon.

“I want to sit for another five to 10 years,” he said.

By attracting Bitcoin as an exchange method, Salinas believes that the potential of Bitcoin lies in its value stores.

According to Salinas, the strength of Bitcoin has led to a slower currency, especially in Latin America, and higher inflation.

“What is happening in Venezuela, Argentina, where a lot of money is collapsing is a scandal,” he said.

Salcoin points out that Bitcoin is a natural result of the evolution of money from physical to digital.

“Bitcoin is bits and bytes in ether, but the good thing is that it can not be removed. It cannot be easily taken away, ”said Salinas.

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