Millions of unemployment benefits expire as Trump angry


Unemployment has left overnight for millions of Americans struggling to end because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign the Covid Relief and Expenditure Bill, a pre-emptive strike.

Trump Continues Greater Covid Rescue Investigation Continues on “Pork” Expenditure The fate of the two parties as a complaint remains the same. Without large-scale funding, large-scale funding could result in a government blockade at 12:11 a.m. Tuesday.

Lanetris Haines, a three-year-old single mother in South Indiana, said she would have lost $ 129 a week in unemployment benefits if Trump had not signed the package or failed because he could not. Searching for change.

Washington has been reeling from the agreement since Trump won a congressional approval for both houses of Congress and after Republican leaders assured White House that Trump would support Trump, and Washington has been reeling on the deal.

Instead, he backed a bill that would have provided $ 600 for Covid rescue investigations for most of the US $. House Republicans immediately dismissed the idea at a rare Christmas Eve celebration. But Trump does not stand in the midst of race being a person in control of an infection.

He is a holidaymaker in Florida. On Saturday in Palm Beach, Trump said, “I just want to ask my adults for $ 2,000 more than $ 2,000.” And stop the ‘pork’ for billions of dollars.

President-elect Joe Biden has called on Trump to sign the bill immediately as midnight on Saturday approaches for two federal programs that provide employment support.

A statement from President Donald Trump has said that millions of families will not be able to live to see the end of Christmas because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign the congressional economic relief bill. He accused Trump of “grave consequences” of “abdication of duty.”

Michigan Representative Debbie Dingle said during the Christmas holidays, I spoke to people who were afraid of being evicted from their homes. Democratic Party.

Lauren Bauer, an economist at the Brookings Institution, estimates that 11 million people could be left without immediate assistance. Millions more will run out of other unemployment benefits in a matter of weeks.

Andrew Stettner, an unemployment insurance expert with the Century Foundation Advisory Board, said the unemployment rate could reach nearly 14 million as of Thanksgiving.

Heidi Shierholz, policy director at the Institute for Liberal Economic Policy, said: “If Trump does not sign his bill, all these people and their families will be in trouble.

Depending on the circumstances in which they live, the effects of shrinkage can be devastating. Depends on when they apply for the program and benefits they depend on. In some states, holders of regular unemployment insurance will continue to make payments under the Benefit Extension Schedule if the unemployment rate exceeds the specified threshold.

An estimated 9.5 million people are dependent on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, which expires on Saturday. As a result of this program, unemployment insurance will be available for free. It was made available to performers and others, usually non-qualified. After receiving the final checks, Stettner said recipients will not be able to ask for more help.

While payments can be accepted backwards, one gap will only increase the difficulties and uncertainties for Americans facing bureaucratic delays. Often, large savings are reduced and can survive while waiting for payment.

They are people like Earl McCarthy. Georgia He lost his job as a sales representative for the luxury senior community in South Fulton. If he refuses to sign the bill, he will be left with no income in the second week of January.

McCarthy said he had to spend five months waiting for $ 350 a week for unemployment, and that he had burned down most of his savings.

“The whole experience was horrible,” McCarthy said. I wondered, ‘Where would I live if I could not save anything or if there were no emergency funds in these five months?’

He added that it would be difficult if the president did not sign the bill.

The Florida bill, which awaits Trump’s signature, will also enforce a $ 300 weekly federal supplement to unemployment payments.

Sharon Shelton Corpening hopes the extra help will allow her 83-year-old mother to stop eating on social security payments for their $ 1,138 rent.

The Atlanta-based corporation began a freelance strategy that began long before the epidemic. Many of her contracts have fallen. He received about $ 125 a week under a non-communicable disease-free unemployment program and said he could not pay her about a month later. This is true even though she is temporarily working as a census worker and poll worker

“At the very beginning,” I said, “I’m going to run out of money next month,” said the advocate for the unemployment movement, which started at the well-known Democracy Center for Relief.

In addition to completed unemployment benefits, Trump continues to refuse to sign the bill, leading to the expiration of protectionism and the suspension of new funding for hard-hit businesses, restaurants and cinemas, as well as the suspension of funding for money-hungry transition systems and vaccines.

The bailout has been linked to a $ 1.4 trillion bailout to keep the federal government running until September. That means failing to sign on Tuesday could put an end to the federal union.

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