My name is $ 4. ‘For some struggling tenants, banning evictions is not enough


If you go overboard, no plan will be enough to keep venture tenants in their homes in January.

“A one-month extension of the CDC eviction moratorium is not enough to maintain the homes of infected people, but this extension provides essential and immediate protection for millions of tenants in the event of losing their homes in January,” said the president and chief executive officer of the National Low-Income Housing Coalition.

An estimated 9.2 million tenants who lost their income during the epidemic were in arrears. Analysis Census data from the Budget and Policy Priorities Department.

Once the suspensions are lifted, many tenants expect to rent all of their rent or make some payment arrangements with their landlord.

As a result of the outbreak, many tenants are struggling to pay their monthly payments, CNN said.

‘I am saving money’

Florida Kelly Green, who lives on Daytona Beach for $ 1,442 a month, has not been able to rent since September.

“The only reason it could rain on my head was because the eviction had been suspended.”

Green spends most of her life selling motorcycle racing and rhinestone- and sequined-biker clothing at other festivals.

After closing in March, there were no festivals. There are no events. She has no income. Still, he was able to save her money. Promoting payments; She combined her rent benefits and unemployment insurance benefits until July to earn her rent. But she did not know how to end her $ 600-a-week unemployment benefit.

Kelly Green said it was dawn on her head because of the suspension of her CDC eviction.

Green heard from Volusia County about a rental relief fund associated with the coronavirus she lived in. She applied for help and was paid $ 4,500 for a three-month lease.

“I’m good!” It can be rented for a few months. I can move out in November when my current lease expires and I still have a good credit rating that allows me to rent another apartment.

But Volagia County has a snag Hire an assistance plan Tenants will be hired in 2020. Lease required March 13. In February, Green was behind her tenancy and as a result her apartment building did not accept assistance.

Without that money, Green No full lease for November or December. After her rent exceeded in November, she became a monthly rent, which was $ 500 more per month.

“Even if the suspension is extended, it will save me money,” he said. If they get a three-month check for rent assistance, they will take it.

She knew in that look that he had failed her. But she told friends and family she did not know where to go without the risk of coronavirus exposure.

“I’m completely depressed. “I feel like you want to give up. Where will I go when the CDC order expires?

It must be at Christmas

Mercedes Darby lives in a three-bedroom apartment in Nashville with three high school students and her daughter, Princess Thomas, in college. The two are usually subdivided. Due to the cancellation in March, the $ 1,250-a-month rent has not been purchased since April, and the current rent and fees are $ 9,000.

Darby gave her landlord a CDC notice to protect her family from being evicted for failing to pay, but they are now evicted for violating a separate lease – Derby’s name is not on lease.

How do you spend your $ 600 motivation test?

The rent is called Thomas. But she has been living together since he lived together about a year and a half ago and has been making payments.

The family was charged with 10 days leave after missing the December 15 eviction court date. So Darby kept everything she owned.

“We have to leave on Christmas day,” he said. Or they may have police officers. If you do not have money, you need to find a temporary place.

Derby fired her services in March at a large insurance company. She has been looking for a new apartment since July. Even after paying the application fee, she was repeatedly rejected due to her credit history and bankruptcy. Her daughter is now in trouble because of her eviction.

In November, Derby re-hired a similar job and made more money. But she’s historically required to pay extra for an apartment.

“I have a well-paying job,” he said. If you do not want to spend money in advance, I’m enough

She is currently looking for a place to spend the holidays with her family. She is always looking for a home and is preparing for a court date in February to pay off her debt.

“We have nowhere to go,” he said. “We have no family here. Our friends can’t take us all. I’m looking for a hotel. I’m going to take all the money I have to put in another apartment.”

Waiting for rent rescue

Bryan Clift’s job in the suburbs of Minneapolis dried up last March. At the same time, the school moved online for his 10-year-old daughter Iyla. Iyla’s mother, who could not see regularly. He died a few weeks later. Clift now rents for about $ 2,000 and they are in danger of being evicted.

“My daughter is all I get,” he said. The most important thing for her is to eat on the roof and on the table.

They lived comfortably throughout the summer with their unemployment insurance benefits. When the extra $ 600 a week expired, he was worried he would have to pay $ 1,500 a month for a two-bedroom apartment.

With his daughter Iyla, Bryan Clift Clift resigned in March and rented his apartment on the outskirts of Minneapolis.  Lived

“When I saw my savings go down, I talked to tenants who had always had a good relationship with me,” he said. “I said I would do my best,” he said. They suggest that rents be reduced.

He applied and hoped to receive relief money from Prism, a social services company. But it is not yet in hand.

“It’s a waiting game,” he said. If you ask for any help right now, it will take a while.

With this expected support, he hopes he can close the income gap again.

“I can get a job now,” he said. “I want to sit. I do not like chairs. But I can not work without schools. What should I do if nothing changes for me in the next few months? Give me back as much as I can, and this relief will help, but how long will it take?”

He said the government welcomes further assistance. However, he said: “If my unemployment improves, I can do it without motivation.

Expelled despite CDC protection

The worst case scenario is Jordan. Jonathan Russell and their 2-year-old daughter Valkyrie.

They were protected by a moratorium on evictions, but the court allowed them to do so anyway.

Mills I thought she did everything right. She provided support CDC Statement A form to protect her landlord from eviction. He applied for a bailout from San Antonio. She even made a payment plan.

“People like me are still being evicted for not paying.

Jordan Mills and her husband Jonathan Russell, along with their daughter Valkyrie, were evicted from their home in San Antonio despite a CDC notice to their landlord.

She had planned to pay her landlord, but was about $ 450 behind. Property owners have filed a lawsuit against part of the CDC Declaration; There, Mills agrees to make every effort to bring the full payment to the customer as close as possible to the individual circumstances.

She said Mills drove to court during the eviction hearing but could not attend because she could not pay for parking.

“I can not park, I only get $ 20,” he said. “I’m texting. I got paid yesterday. I have $ 4 for my name.”

In May, Mills, an assistant manager at a payday loan company, had her watch cut off. Her family realized that during their time in Texas, they could not afford to pay their rent.

She applied for a one-month lease of $ 3,500.

When Mills became infected with the coronavirus, their babysitter abandoned her as a precaution and quit her job as a security guard to provide full-time care for her husband, Valkyrie, and cut her income further.

The landlords are running out of money.  'No unemployment'

They did not wait for the police officer to arrive after the court ordered his eviction in November. Mills borrowed $ 1,400 from her mother, The family moved into a three-bedroom, one-bedroom mobile home in San Antonio for $ 1,175 and $ 470 a month.

The family’s new apartment is in a building known as eviction or a second lease for bad credit.

Mills paid a lot for the second chance. $ 750 monthly rent; In addition to the $ 299 deposit and $ 300 pet deposit, she was also paid a historic fee of $ 650.

It was the worst. “But I’m still afraid of what will happen to me when I rent a bigger, safer place. We have gardens. I do not want to live here.”

They said they should be able to get more rent support, even if they were relieved of their rent Directly to the host:

If they have something, they will not immediately release the tenants.

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