Nearly 2.3 million West Bengal farmers sign up on their own on PM-Kisan portal


New Delhi: Nearly 2.3 million farmers in West Bengal has self-registered on a central portal that seeks benefits under Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi schemeaccording to senior officials. None of the seven million potential recipients in the state have received any money under the scheme as long as the state does not verify the recipients, they said.

“Every farmer in West Bengal would have received Rs 14,000 so far, including the installments transferred tomorrow (Friday) by the Prime Minister to farmers across India, which translates to almost Rs 9,800 for state farmers,” a central government told ET on condition of anonymity.

“These farmers want the money, which is clear, as over 2.26 million out of seven million farmers in the state have self-registered in ‘Farmers Corner’ on PM-KISAN portal so far. But the state has neither appointed a state node officer nor verified the data to enable the transfer, ”the official said, adding that West Bengal is the only state in the country not implementing the scheme.

The Prime Minister will transfer Rs 18,000 crore to 90 million farmers across India on Friday as another part of Prime Minister Kisan Nidhi and West Bengal farmers will again be missed.

The Union’s Minister of Agriculture NS Tomar will write to the West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee soon on the matter, in response to the CM’s letter of 21 December, in which we requested that the PM-KISAN funds be transferred to the State Government for further transfer to the farmers.

Tomar would like to point out that funds under PM-KISAN are sent directly to bank accounts of the intended recipients after their information has been duly verified by the State Government. “The money goes through the state government in a way as the state nodal officer has a fictitious account through which he authorizes the money to be transferred to the farmer. Therefore, the money is not transferred without the state’s knowledge in any way, and the process is hassle-free, ”a central official told ET.

However, a West Bengal bureaucrat said the CM feels that the BJP would try to make its “own political propaganda” through the PM-KISAN scheme and therefore the state wants key funds to be transferred to state accounts first. The PM-KISAN scheme is a centrally sponsored scheme with no contributions from state governments.

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