Nicola and the presidency are scavenging their electric waste


There was a company in August Plans were announced To produce up to 5,000 trucks for Republic Services, which is striving to build long-term dump trucks to better meet emission standards. Nicara (NKLA) Shares rose 22% after the original announcement of the deal

However, Nikala’s stock price fell 10% on Wednesday morning after the deal was publicly canceled. Analysts at Wedbush gave Nikola a low rating in response to the announcement. He said the announcement was to exchange companies for companies struggling with investors relying on a presidential service agreement.

“The bad news for Nikola a few months ago was that these were not news that investors would want to see under their Christmas tree,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives told investors. The company says it is still climbing like Kilimanjaro to regain confidence on the road in 2021, and today’s news is a step backwards.

Electric trucks last longer. After deciding to combine new technologies and design concepts to reduce costs, both companies agreed to rescind the agreement.

“It’s the right decision for both companies because it requires resources and investment,” said Mark Russell, chief executive officer of Nikola.

Nikola agreed to build bulk dump trucks for the country's largest waste management company by 2020.  Officially abolished on December 23.
Republic Services confirmed via email that it had terminated its contract with Nikola Romeo systemsIn addition to making more vehicle purchases next year.

The waste management company said it believed electricity distribution was the future. We, in partnership with Romeo, believe that Opportunity will continue to provide additional opportunities that support our electricity strategy.

In September, Nicola was founded by Trevor Milton Accused of fraud Hindenberg Research, a financial research firm, said the Nikola One hydrogen fuel cell electric truck was an exaggeration. CNN has not been able to independently confirm Heinberg’s report. Following the scandal, Milton resigned as the company’s executive chairman and board member.
Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice Summon On November 9, both Milton and Nikola rallied in the company’s stock 20% decrease Established in late November General Motors (GM) Plans were made to produce Nikola’s Badger pickup.
There was Wall Street Iran Although transport companies are working to bring government emissions standards closer, there have been setbacks for major automakers, but for the 2000 electric car makers.

The US said on Wednesday that it will launch its Tre battery-electric trucks in the United States in 2021. The company plans to launch its first commercial hydrogen station next year. Production of its hydrogen-fuel-cell-electric semi-trucks is scheduled to begin in 2023.

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