Nuno Espirito Santo – Wolves will move away from Raul Jimenez in January


Nuno Espirito Santo says the wolves are ready to act quickly during the January transfer window to shock the lack of true Raul Gennis.

Mexico striker Jimenez suffered a broken skull He met with Arsenal defender David Luiz last month There is no timetable for the 29-year-old’s return.

Nuno says Portuguese teenager Fabio Silva scored his first goal in a ၃၅ 35million move from Porto in September, following a 2-1 defeat at Burnley on Monday.

“We are preparing,” Nuno said at home and on Sunday.

“There is not a day that we do not talk to each other. Managers, technical staff, Scots (Sellars, general managers, football technology) every day.

We need to rebalance our team.

Jimenez, who has scored 48 goals in two and a half years at Molineux, said the loss was a huge blow to the Wolves and that the impact on the team was equal to that of Spaniard Harry Kane.


Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo is recovering from an injured skull by Raul Gennes, and his team is urging the Mexican striker to return in time.

“I do not compare, but the absence of Raul is very important for us,” Nuno said.

United have won the Champions League this season, boosting their squad.

He trusts the players. I believe he can score until the last minute (goal).

I do not compare with other teams. But I must admit that his absence was very bad for us.

The Wolves lost three of their last four games after Jimenez was injured in the lower half of the Premier League on 29 November.

Sunday 27th December 7:00 p.m.

7:15 p.m.

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