Orlando Magic 130-120 Washington Wizards: Terrence Ross scores 25 points as Magic continues to rule the Wizards.


Terrence Ross scored 25 points in a 130-120 win in Singapore while the next Land Orlando Magic retained the Washington Wizards.

Nikola Vucevic has 22 points; Jump back 17 Markelle Fultz of Maryland has a total of 171 points and 21 points for Magic, who scored at least 120 points in all four games against the Wizards last season.

Washington’s Bradley Beal scored 39 goals on Saturday to give 31 points in their opening game of the season in Philadelphia. Beal made 13 of the nine free launches, while the rest made 15 to six of the donations.

Russell Westbrook scored 15 points in the second straight double. It will be held again on Sunday, gathering 15 forces and 12 Wizards supporters.

Saturday Night NBA Result

Atlanta Hawks 122-112 Grizzles in Nauvoo
Oklahoma City Lightning 109-107 Charlotte Hornets
Cleveland Issue 128-119 Detroit Pistons
Magic 130-120 Washington Wizards in Orlando
76ers 109-89 New York Knicks in Philadelphia
Indiana Pacers 125-106 Chicago Bulls
Paddy at the Toronto Raptors 114-119 San Antonio
Minnesota Timberwolves 116-111 Utah jazz music
Houston Rockets 126-128 Portland Trail Blazers
Suns 103-106 Sacramento Kings from Phoenix

Thomas Bryan has 19 points from the floor with 8 goals and 11 assists. While trying to jump, Bryan accidentally stepped into his basket. Ivan Freeria is recognized for two of the easiest points in his career.

Orlando claimed a 70-64 lead, but Bryant gave Washington a 81-80 advantage to give it a 2-1 lead in 2-1 minutes. He corrected his mistake by dunk and his third form.

The teams continued their back-and-forth affair before the Magic appeared in the 9-0 run in the fourth quarter. Vucevic squeezed the trigger and Adam Gordon switched to an alley-oop to confront Orlando with a lead of 5.53 with a score of 5.53.

Bryant’s undisputed 3-pointer left Magic’s lead at 115-110 to 3:52, stopping Ross’s 3-pointer speed. Fultz made a pretty reverse layup and Vucevic went through a lot of quick changes.

Orlando scored 10 points in the first 12 points of the second quarter. Ross squeezed the jumper, highlighting the rise. All three free throws are fired after being fouled on the trigger.

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