Phil Foden: Pep Guardiola wants to “slow down” the midfielder


Pep Guardiola understands Phil Foden’s rush to “conquer the world” but urges the young man to slow down.

Manchester United midfielder Foden has been ruled out of action since October, despite the club’s growing influence.

The 20-year-old has always been impressed with his latest appearance, scoring one goal for England. 4-1 Carabao Cup Arsenal’s last three defeats:

Ferdinand was hoping to return to normalcy after the departure of David Silva, but United’s Guardiola still thinks there is room for improvement.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: “He is 19 years old. [in] He slowed down a bit in the final decision, the final decision.

He wants to conquer the world. He wants to eat the world. And he wants to be important. This is normal. But he needs experience to be more stable.

“He plays football together. Ball plays in different games. Sometimes you have to walk, sometimes you have to have rhythm, sometimes you have to change.

He must understand this [comes with] I do not give advice.

It is not easy for a young player like him to play for the national team at this club and play for the national team. But it is a normal process for all young players.

Sunday 3rd January at 4:15 pm

4:30 p.m.

Finally, in third place. Especially at the festival. The top players they have patiently left behind. There is only a second half or second to make a decision. This needs to be improved.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach Guardiola are certain that Ferdinand will reach the expected level due to his ability and attitude.

“He is a more visible player at my age,” said Guardiola.

“I have trained these players who have made incredible careers and a long career at the Barcelona academy. There was Phil’s spirit. This is the most important thing.

Arsenal vs Manchester City


Highlights of the Carabao Cup quarter-final between Arsenal and Manchester City.

“He has a lot of toys with us. We love this guy. He has everything to make something special and unique.

“I’m here [thing] 18 years old You will be 19 years old. I want the best for him. If I work with him and he wants to improve, he will surely succeed. “

City take action as they host Newcastle in a boxing match.

Pep Guardiola is hoping to beat City 1-0 at Southampton
Pep Guardiola is looking for City to beat Southampton 1-0 last Saturday

Guardiola feels it is important to accelerate and win the pace of his opening game. Manchester City have not won in their last five games, but Liverpool are just eight points behind.

“We finished ninth on the table last Sunday and are now eighth. We are still far from the top of the league,” said Guardiola. [played] Somehow a game.

“We know what we have to do. If you want to go, you have to win and win games, even if there are a lot of games for everyone to play.”

United could return to Everton on loan on Monday, but Guardiola insists his side will “change seasonally like any other club”.

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