Police name the person investigating the Nashville bombing


The Christmas Day blast injured three people and damaged several businesses, including the AT&T switching center.

Nashville Police say Anthony Quinn Warner was involved in a Christmas bombing in Nashville, USA. An investigation is underway.

Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron confirmed Warner’s evidence Sunday.

Who was bombed in a recreational vehicle on Friday morning? Federal and state investigators are trying to determine whether three people were injured and more than 40 businesses were injured.

They are also working to identify human remains found at the scene.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake is from Tennessee. He spoke at a press conference in Nashville [Mark Humphrey/AP Photo]

Meanwhile, local media reported that FBI agents investigating the blast had visited a real estate agency working on Warner computers.

Steve Fridrich, owner of Fridrich & Clark Realty in Nashville’s Green Hills neighborhood, said he worked for his FBI after he started working for him.

According to public records, Warner was based southeast of Nashville. After living in a house in Antioch, the FBI and the U.S. Tobacco Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Federal agents say they are pursuing more than 500 leaders and are working to find human remains found in the rubble.

An explosion in the center of the US music capital injured three people and damaged more than 40 businesses, including the AT&T switching center. Mobile services via central Tennessee and four other counties. Internet and TV services were disrupted.

Fridrich said Warner enters the office about once a month to provide computer consulting services. Earlier this month, Warner emailed the company that it would no longer work for them. He’s no reason, according to Fridrich.

“He seems to be very fond of us. This is not the case at all,” Fridrich told the newspaper.

FBI and ATF agents are based in Tennessee. They searched the basement of a house in Nashville [Mark Humphrey/AP Photo]

Earlier Friday, five Nashville police officers were asked to evacuate their homes and buildings and to call for a roadside bomb when they arrived at their home, recalling the events leading up to the blast. Exhale

Officials heard an automatic announcement from the music and RV; When they became active, they were asked for access codes for the building and warned of the impending explosion as they tried to keep residents safe.

Police officer Brenna Hosey said: “I was thrown forward. It is folded on the ground. “But I was good at catching myself.”

Officials who initially responded to the gunfire in the area were hailed by city leaders as heroes.

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