Port Vale 0-2 Barrow – Scott Quigley scores at Bluebirds bring security closer


Barrow secured a miserable boxing day for Port Vale with a 2-0 win and points.

At the end of the match, Barrow led Valiants striker Scott Quigley for the first time on goal.

Patrick Brough took the lead early in the second half as Vale reduced his back losses.

Vale, who have not won a league game since December 5, used a lot of pressure in the first half but failed to find the back of the net and entered Barrow’s first real opening game in the 23rd minute.

The indictment for Quigley prompted Nat Brown Smith to flee before Scott Brown was finished.

The home side’s attacks were stopped several times, with Matt Platt, the center-back, behind as he headed back from Josh Kay Cross.

Barrow looked at Brough from a distance in the second five minutes.

Quigley denied his fourth goal in three games with Brown’s sharp save, and Kay fired a tight shot at the bar, but Baru was enough to waste their second win.

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