Prohibit shopping for werewolves with high levels of coronavirus


Wolves no longer shop for their players with the new type of coronavirus that has spread across the country.

The Premier League club told their players to protect themselves by not going to the supermarket when it closes for the first time in March.

Nuno Espirito Santo, a wolf who wants to test the Covid-19 twice a fortnight with the growing number of infected players and staff in the Premier League in England, said the club had responded by arranging shopping for their entire club.

“We have employees who go shopping and go to the supermarket,” he said. Sky Sports:

“As a coach we have problems with some players and we have to avoid any danger.

Sunday 27th December 7:00 p.m.

7:15 p.m.

He tells us every day that we can not lose any player.

“Our kitchen staff has put together a large box of basic necessities that we need,” he said.

“Everyone was like that when they were infected,” he said. As the situation improved, I told the players, ‘You can make your own shopping.’

“But as the levels get higher, this new change is coming together at a time when everyone is worried, to protect themselves.

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“A lot of people care about us because we have the privilege of being football professionals,” he said [the rest of] Society; Everyone has to take care of themselves. “

Did the wolves bring in more staff to deal with the situation? Asked if Nuno replied.

“The kitchen staff, the security, everyone helps. Our community and the club need to be together. Everyone has to help each other.”

Players and staff from Premier League clubs have been undergoing weekly tests since the start of the September 2020-21 season.

Jose Mourinho managed Nuno Espirito Santo in Porto


Spaniard Jose Mourinho says he believes he will face one of England’s top six teams on Sunday.

But next month, testing at clubs in the Tier 4 region will change to a bi-weekly phase used in ‘Project Restart’ over the summer.

“Wolverhampton are currently in Tier 3 and testing is on the rise throughout the Premier League,” Nuno said.

“It is possible this time too. The rate of infection is very high,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we have to go back to two trials a week to avoid the situation of players who can not play.”

But Nuno told people not to worry about Tottenham, who live in Tier 4 London, to visit Molineux to get out of the area and stay at home.

“There are no problems at all. I absolutely believe in this situation.

We know how strict we are with protocols.

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