r / worldnews – Britain, EU sign Brexit trade agreement


I think there has been a lot of potential for a willingness to come out since Britain came out

Nope. We have been able to control one of the world’s largest markets with sufficient influence to influence global standards. Diversity means customs;

When they finally found out that Britain had left, they were able to keep it as long as possible

We left last year. This is to stop the negative impact on all parties and the UK-focused member states. The European Union is watching the interests of its members. That’s why it was founded.

The EU has reaped more value than what is returned to Britain through EU members

of course, This is one of the topics discussed. There seems to be a misunderstanding between the differences between the support and the overall impact of the program as a whole. Our contribution is about $ 600 billion in annual trade, and the influence of the EU financial services market is that Finacne and services account for the majority of our GDP. There is no provision for this section in this Agreement. We lost the equivalent of passport rights. London is a very attractive base for such remittances.

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