r / worldnews – London Ambulance ‘Could Not Assure’ Response to Maternity Emergency Response ‘Contact Us [pregnant] To inform women about their plans and future choices, ”said the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust


I myself will be popular.

We are in the midst of an epidemic. Medical resources are insanely scarce.

If one chooses oneself to a higher risk at this rare time (birth is an option), one needs to make the impact.

Extremes not interested in taking it – having an ambulance; If you have the option of going with someone who has a heart condition and is aware of the risk-taking risks that are essential for childbirth, Can you send an ambulance?

Maybe by expressing this out, they are trying their best to prevent extra unnecessary birth risk at this difficult time?

Prepare to add More than I hate the Tories and this government. I do not know how this applies to them.

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