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Santa will bring toys, but even children know that parents need to collect them.

It is the same Ryan Reynolds versus Khloe KardashianSince Christmas morning, he has had to deal with the stress (and frustrating small parts) of inventing their children’s gifts. The stars took to Twitter to share their frustrations.

The good American founder revealed her struggle to keep her daughter together True ThomsonToys December Writing“Still no one else is trying to collect some of these little toys together? I’m not a toy builder. It has taken me forever. It needs to be able to fully assemble everything.”

She has many more small things. The design of my nails is not my friend LOL.

Fortunately, she was able to express her frustration.

She concludes, she concludes. “Go back to the toy building. I love people who love you. My baby will be born soon. I hope your family can be happy this holiday season.”

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