Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

It may still be the holiday season, but few archers log out of work sites altogether. Monday the 21st of December, Sun hunks down in Capricorn and your diligent second house. If there are loose ends to tie by 2021, see what you can handle without overloading yourself. Then map out a schedule for finishing the rest after the ball has dropped. An hour here and there will not be nearly as annoying as having to spend an entire vacation day at work. On the plus side, while reviewing professional commitments, think ahead of your financial plan for 2021. The clearer you can be about your big goals now, the faster you can commit to initiatives that support them. AND you know if you have the luxury of taking a pass on low-paid concerts, which can give you more free time in the new year. Reminder: Belt tensioning does not have to spell deprivation! Knowing that you are working towards a huge ambition – and that you are close – can give you your determination.

Later on Monday, a rare (like once every 20 years) cosmic event called The Great Conjunction with winter solstice arrives. For the first time since May 28, 2000, Jupiter and Saturn will create an exact connection in the sky. This time they meet at 0º29 ‘Aquarius and flood your third house with dynamic duos and communication with their combined energy. This energy sealing energy can give you a happy new year, but don’t just fasten it with a handshake! Have a lawyer draft a contract and expect to negotiate a bit back and forth before making it official. This is not only for longevity, but also for self-protection. You need to make sure your rights and intellectual property rights are covered … yes, even if you do business with family or a close friend. An existing partnership could reach a crossroads. Should you follow your ruler Jupiter’s instructions and jump into the next league together? Or would it be better to slow things down under the careful advice of Saturn? Maybe there is a middle ground here, one that involves taking a gamble, hand in hand, but also planning wisely for what awaits. Once your communications house is turned on, the Great Conjunction can herald a renaissance for writers, TV stations, and media-minded archers. Go up to the microphone, Sagittarius, whether you are doing stand-up comedy, dropping rhymes or teaching in an online workshop!

Where’s the fire, Archer? Wednesday’s angular square between driving Mars in your passionate fifth house and controlling Pluto in your pragmatic second can give you whiplash if you do not control your speed. You may become frustrated and hopeful, OR you may extract this “limiting” transit to gain insight. Why are you so eager to get involved in that work or relationship? Have you thought through all the potential results (and consequences)? Then try it from the other direction: What would happen if you stopped pushing so hard and found a way to accept the situation as it is right now? Are you trying to impress someone; compensate for feelings of inadequacy? If you are aware that your drive does not come from a self-supporting location, loosen up on unrealistic standards and set more feasible milestones. This way, when you ease the inner pressure, you will be able to access deeper and wiser parts of yourself and do your absolute best – and most authentic – work or attract a partner who is on your wavelength.

Be the helpful elf this Christmas Eve and day! With the Taurus Moon penetrating your sixth service house, you can enjoy being part of the preparations from cooking to getting technophobic relatives logged in to Zoom with cameras and microphones on. Relax, but resist the urge to fall into a sedentary decline. Yoga stretches and a few good walks keep your mood high – especially since you may have to deal with a few frustrating demands from the family along the way.

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