Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

This Monday, December 21st (winter solstice!) The fun-loving sun is blazing into the grounded Capricorn and your super-social third house. Even when you are magnetically pulled towards your own sofa, there is another force acting on you. Put on the mask or log in to the Zoom room. Interactivity is crucial for the next four weeks, albeit at a safe distance. Since the third house also manages neighborhood activities, a small investment of time and money spent on downloading cartridges at nearby businesses can be a win-win for everyone. And if you happen to be single, a bonus benefit might be meeting a sexy relative who lives just a few blocks away. Treat everyone like a friend, let go of any competitiveness and lean into the spirit of cooperation. By staying open, you can connect with exactly the kind of people you hope to collaborate with on a personal or professional passion project.

Another reason why Monday will be a special tide? For the first time in over two decades, Jupiter and Saturn establish an exact connection in the sky and meet this time at 0º29 ‘Aquarius. As both planets anchor in your fourth house and family – an event that astrologers call The Great Conjunction – rework your vision of domestic bliss. In the coming year, it’s more important than ever that your space feels like a sacred oasis. Investing in real estate can be lucrative, or you can finally get started with renovation or relocation plans that you have been considering for years. Strengthening your inner world is just as important, as this planetary mating can evoke some serious emotions, especially around your family of origin. Saturn controls time and history, and you could feel a little melancholy about how fast the years go by. There is more reason to cherish these moments with your loved ones, but also make some new ones, guided by Jupiter’s adventurous spirit. A home-based business can accelerate, while efforts that benefit women can bring a strong focal point to your career.

Seeing your temper can be an impossible mission on Wednesday as your planetary pit bosses, powered by Mars and amplified Pluto, unlock horns and tense up to your stress levels. Mars is in Aries in your picky sixth house, and the troubled square of the provocateur Pluto can set you in motion like a loose cannon. This is a recipe for a heavyweight sparring match. Like a scorpion, your best weapon is the deadly stick, but if you’re not ready to walk away from a project, end a relationship, or just make a bigger scene, hold it back! If you do not have the ability to hold your tongue, stay out of war and do not take any bait. Close the door, put on the noise-canceling headphones, take a long drive. And if you know someone is shooting at you, do both a favor and do not take their call. This too must pass, Scorpio, but until it does, you must be on your toes.

Who is Donner for your Vixen? You will be the hungriest reindeer on all this Christmas Eve (and day!) As the Bull Moon gallops through your seventh house of conditions. Whatever you plan, be a partner in crime. People destined to be a part of your story in 2021 will be a resounding “yes!” to your ideas. But do not give people a hard time if they have to clear a few things in their schedules before running to your side. This holiday is meant to be harmonious, and that means cutting the ones you love a little more relaxed than you do on the average day.

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