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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Quarterback Cam Newton Is scheduled to start for New England Patriots Against Monday night Buffalo BillsESPN has banned Jeremy Fowler from making an unexpected change.

Newton’s situation and patriotism may be backing up Jarrett StidhamNew England have been cleared of attention after being relegated from the PLAYOFF after the defeat. Miami dolphins Last Sunday

The Patriots (6-8) have not scored a touchdown in their previous two matches. Coach Bill Belichick on Monday acknowledged that he has “assessed opportunities” to give young players more experience. When asked if Stidham would fall into this category, Belichick said, “We’ll see.” He added that he does not see the team’s struggles for any player.

“We have a lot of group questions that need to be answered, so I think this will be important. [and] Start with a larger image perspective.

Two days later, Belichick and his staff went to meetings to discuss some of these questions, but Belichick was not ready for the quarterback switch and pushed back when discussing the topic.

“We do not answer this question every day,” he said. What if you knew we were going to make a change?

Newton scored 216 yards for 2131-228 yards; This season, with 52 interceptions, up to 52. The 122 includes 489 running yards.

Stidham was seen as the top candidate to replace him Tom Brady Service was very limited as Newton was the last season before signing a one-year contract on July 8. He is 18 years old and 33 years old for 212 yards.

“Kim has been very busy preparing for this week,” said Josh McDaniels, the offensive coordinator for weekly media access earlier Saturday.

McDaniels said Belichick would make any changes. He said he would honor any choice. McDaniels from Stidham said: “I train Jarrett a lot. I see him every day. I visit him for two years. I believe I understand where Jarrett is developing.”

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