Spain confirms type of coronavirus found in UK


Authorities in France and Lebanon have issued a statement confirming Britain’s whereabouts.

The local government says it has recently confirmed four types of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, most notably in the United Kingdom.

Antonio Zapatero, head of Madrid’s regional health department, told a news conference on Saturday that all four of the first known diseases in Spain included new arrivals from the UK.

“These patients are not severely ill. We know the virus is contagious.” No alarm is needed. “

There are three other types of coronavirus, but test results will only be available on Tuesday or Wednesday, Zapatero said.

Authorities in Lebanon and France were also present on Friday Confirmed patients It splits the wood.

Madrid has banned all entry from the UK, except for English nationals and residents of Spain.

The Spanish government expects to receive 4.5 million Pfizer vaccines in the next 12 weeks, affecting about 2.2 million people, the ministry said.

The government expects to vaccinate between 15 million and 20 million of the 47 million people in June.

Trips are banned

Experts are urging the new virus to restrict travel to more than 50 countries, as it could increase the spread of the virus.

The United States said on Thursday that all passengers arriving from the UK would need to submit a negative COVID-19 test.

Other countries where travel has been suspended for British citizens include France, France and the United States. Germany Italy Netherlands Austria Ireland Belgian, Canada

In the Gulf, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait and Oman have completely closed their borders.

This week, after a 48-hour travel ban, French authorities reopened British border – partially allowing French citizens to return home and easing the expansion of cargo. Policy

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