Steve Bruce – Newcastle’s Massive Week Noise


Steven Bruce described the mass threat as “unjustified” after the defeat to Bradford in central Newcastle.

Newcastle lost 2-0 to Manchester City on Boxing Day. There was little effort to ease the pressure on Bayern and there were few goals at the Etihad Stadium.

But he Mid-season Champions League trophy by Brentford – Carabao Cup quarter-final defeat Bruce has urged fans and critics to accept Newcastle’s whereabouts to stay in the Premier League.

“We have less than a week to go. Some of the opinions are unfair and unfair. In my opinion, I am not wrong. I will say, this is my opinion.

“My goal is for Newcastle to retain the Premier League title and it will be a success. All the fans there are like us. We need to accept where we are. For the last two or three years.

“For Newcastle, for sure, most people say this is not enough, but we are here, but we have to accept it and we need to make it a little bit smaller.


Free to watch – Highlights from Manchester United that beat Newcastle in the Premier League.

United did not win the Champions League because they won the Champions League last Sunday.

Newcastle have scored just two goals against Manchester City, with just 24 per cent registered. Despite the difficulties, Bruce liked the application to show the players after the weekend.

Bruce also pointed out the aftermath of the Covid-19 incident and its impact on first-team players.

“The positive attitudes towards leaving the team’s morale and exploits have been questioned in recent weeks. “We were able to get past a better team.

Ilkay Gundogan (2L) held the Manchester United points game against Newcastle
Ilkay Gundogan (2L) held the Manchester United points game against Newcastle

“I will continue to move forward. I have been through a lot of illnesses and illnesses. I’m not a scientist, but today I saw two Manchester City players. For them, I hope they double up.”

“We are also experiencing side effects. We still have problems. We can not come to you. That is one thing. We have no choice but to turn around, so we hope we can get a little healthier.” Because it helps. But I can not fault their efforts and use.

“Yes, we did not have enough. We conceded a bad goal at a bad time, but we clenched our fists. That’s what you asked for.”

Pep: One of the best performances of the season

Pep Guardiola
“It was the best performance of the season for the team as a player,” said Peguadilla

Manchester United captain Pep Guardiola says he likes the situation and the weather. “It was the best performance of the season when we moved from ninth to fifth in the Premier League,” he said.

“It was the best performance of the season [in terms of player positioning]: Our ball must be played in the same rhythm.

“Everyone has to be in his position to do this,” he said. He has to do his job. Today is a great example. Attacking them while playing behind a team is not easy. But guys are really good. How do we play?

He also said BT Sports“We played with the momentum we needed to play. We need to make the games we play successful and we are a team.

United beat Manchester City 2-0 in the Champions League last season

“Everything is going fast throughout the season. Everyone wins and loses. It’s a strange result for everyone. So calmly and calmly we need to be calm this season.”

What is the next one?

Manchester City travel to Everton on Monday 3pm before taking on Chelsea on 3 January and stay at the Sky Sports Premier League at 4.30pm.

Newcastle host Liverpool on Wednesday 3 January at 8pm.

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