SUNx Malta to Stage First Strong Earth Youth Summit (SEYS)


SUNx Malta will host the first ever climate friendly Youth Travel Summit in April 2021. The Strong Earth Youth Summit (SEYS) will include lectures, workshops and other educational activities aimed at emphasizing the need for a clean and green future after COVID for the tourism sector in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement in 2050

The virtual event, held on April 29, will be in partnership with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA), British Columbia, Canada; Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta (ITS); and the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO). Events are held in three centers: Mekong, Malta and British Columbia.

SEYS will focus on creating awareness of climate-friendly travel (CFT) and on promoting ways to encourage change in a resilient travel and tourism future. It aims to promote climate hope in the recovery of the tourism industry through awareness and education, empowerment of young people and commitment and action.

Announcement of the Youth Summit, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of the SUNx Malta said, “This is not just another one of the many travel and tourism summits. SEYS is designed for the leaders of tomorrow by the leaders of tomorrow – the 45 students from 30 countries we have on our first ever climate-friendly travel diploma course with ITS Malta. We accused them of creating an event that would be meaningful and attractive to the Greta Thunberg audience.

“SEYS will identify the core problems of the green and clean tourism sector after that pandemic. Our students put together a fast and fun program with engaging speakers that will capture a global audience for youth leadership. ”

The summit will include virtual tours, interactive workshops, seminars, challenges, presentations, networks and questions and answers, as well as an information session on the climate-friendly travel diploma and the climate-friendly travel register. The program is designed by the students of the first Climate Friendly Travel Diploma Course with ITS Malta.

SEYS will honor the vision and contribution of the late Maurice Strong, a close friend of Lipman, after whom the summit is named. Strong was the architect of the UN’s sustainable development and climate framework for half a century and inspiration for SUNx Malta and its climate-friendly travel system.

“SEYS will be the first of an annual testimony to the legacy of Maurice Strong, Champion of the Planet, who warned of the climate crisis 50 years ago and spent the rest of his life building the UN framework to respond to it,” he said. Lipman.

SEYS will also launch the Strong Awards to encourage students to profile groundbreaking innovations in climate-friendly travel alongside Les Roches Hospitality School.

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