Taliban talks to be held in Qatar – Official


Negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government will begin next month, a top official has said.

The next round of talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government will be held in Qatar next month, a top official said.

Peace talks began on September 12 at a luxury hotel in Doha, but stalled until January 5.

Faraidoon Khwazoon, a spokeswoman for Afghanistan’s National Reconciliation Council, will begin the second round of talks in Doha on Sunday, January 5.

“The council’s steering committee has decided to hold talks in Doha,” he added on Twitter. Many countries that had voluntarily accepted earlier protests withdrew their offers because of COVID-19.

In a separate statement, the president tweeted that Ghani, the head of the council, and Abdullah Abdullah met on Sunday.

The president said the two had discussed the venue for the next round of talks, and that Ghani had announced the government’s support for a second round of talks with the Taliban.

In early December, negotiators from both sides decided to retire after a series of frustrating meetings, often marred by discussions and disputes over the interpretation of religious frameworks.

Prior to the start of the talks, the negotiators announced that they would be included in the preliminary list of agendas when the talks resumed on 5 January.

But Ghani and other top Afghan officials have called for more meetings in Afghanistan.

“Conferences should not be held in luxury hotels,” he said. How did the talks come about? What issues do you focus on? People need to understand why.

The Taliban have not commented on Ghani’s request, but have always refused to negotiate in Afghanistan in the past.

The armed group has a political office in Doha and its coordinating group lives there.

Negotiations are underway, with all foreign troops due to leave the country in May next year under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the Taliban and Washington in February.

Plans for a new round of negotiations come amid a spate of bombings and targeted killings of prominent figures as violence escalates across Afghanistan in recent months, including in Kabul.

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