Taurus Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

Make room on your plate for projects you love, this Monday, December 21st. When the sun blazes into the ambitious Capricorn, it strengthens your “no limits” ninth house until January 19th. This chart sector is associated with long-distance alliances, entrepreneurship and education, so any (or all) of these areas can exercise a greater than normal move. Anything that expands your world is a big plus now, even if it just takes a webinar during the holidays or starts exploring the possibility of “overwintering” at a warmer rental of WFH. Knowing that you have things to look forward to will help you get out hard this season. Challenge yourself to stretch outside your comfort zone. It may be a good idea to start saving up for larger trips, so when it is safe to globetrott again, you have all the funds lined up.

A little later on Monday, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the exact degree of Aquarius (0º29 ‘). This rare event, which astrologers call The Great Conjunction, only happens every twenty years! (The last such mating took place in Taurus, back in May 2000.) This time, secular Jupiter and the stabilization of Saturn set off sparks in your tenth career house. #MogulMode! In the days to come, you could make epic progress in your professional life – even in “this” economy. Both planets will be in Aquarius most of 2021, which can help you find paid employment. With secular Jupiter in the mix, your payslip can come from an international company or a startup. Either way, you can soon interface via webcam with colleagues in different time zones. The tenth house governs men and fathers. When Jupiter refreshes your perspective and Saturn brings wisdom of maturity, you can heal some old pains around your father – or the cultural impact of toxic masculinity. This is also a call to celebrate the “divine masculine,” which is the healthy expression of male energy that does not include dominance, ego, or power. As the year progresses, pay attention to surround yourself with men you admire and respect. They will be among your biggest allies in 2021! Start discussions about the future with all the important people in your life. Are your goals customized? Is there an adventure on your shared bucket list that you have always wanted to pursue? It can include moving, taking a workshop or even starting a business together. Explore!

If you try to downplay your dreams on Wednesday, the universe might control you. With energizing Mars firing your twelfth house of dreams and imagination, you have some great ideas up your sleeve. And thanks to a galvanizing beam from Pluto in your visionary ninth house, you may not be able to sleep on it. This is a perfect day to test drive one of your plans, even if it just means running it by a mentor to get a feel for whether this is feasible and what elements you might overlook or underestimate. If you have done all the playwork and preparation and are practically ready to start, get a final opinion and then take a leap of faith. But no shortcuts! While it doesn’t seem like a biggie to skip a few steps or shine over a few details, you can’t afford to cut corners during this transit. The most important thing is to maintain your reputation AND self-esteem. Once your ninth house is activated, honesty is the only policy. If you are not sure about something, do not try to fake it. Tell people you want to investigate it and get back to them (and do it then!). With Mars loose in your fantasy zone, you may have to log a little overtime to keep it real – but it’s more than worth it.

Christmas Eve – and day – makes you feel like Dasher and Dancer combined when the moon shines in Taurus and your groundbreaking first house. Take the lead on activities whether you are organizing IRL tree time or getting the most technologically challenged relatives into the Zoom room for a bowl of mulled wine. While you are in this playful mindset, why not start a new tradition that gives everyone a chance to shine like the star on top of the tree? A virtual talent show or dance party could be the most fun you’ve had in years.

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