Tax justice for crypto users: The immediate and compelling need for an amnesty program


Tax Justice for Crypto Users: The Immediate and Convincing Need for an Amnesty Program

The United States Internal Revenue Service is blinded by its desire to defeat cryptocurrency. It rushes to enforcement without first thinking about how best to get there. It has spent millions of taxpayer dollars training its staff and hiring private contractors to uncover crypto-compliance. The IRS is arming its people to aggressively enforce the tax laws that apply to cryptocurrency. All the while, it ignores the “established” framework to help achieve tax compliance and the collection of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency amnesty is the easiest and fairest way to get from point A to point B, yet the IRS prefers unreasonable and aggressive tactics that disproportionately affect a population of taxpayers – the young.

Jason Morton practices law in North Carolina and Virginia and is a partner at Webb & Morton, PLLC. He is also a judge lawyer in the Army National Guard. He focuses on tax defense and tax cases (foreign and domestic), property planning, business law, asset protection and cryptocurrency taxation. He studied blockchain at the University of California-Berkeley and studied law at the University of Dayton and George Washington University.