That relief Americans could lose if Trump vetoes the stimulus package


Millions of struggling Americans will spend the holidays this year without knowing where their next paycheck is coming from. And now because of President Donald Trumps last minute resistance to the stimulus pack lawmakers agreed that they also do not know whether they can count on more unemployment benefits, another stimulus check and not being deported from their homes.

Just a few days ago, it looked like relief was on the way.

After months of messy negotiations and economic pain inflicted by the pandemic, lawmakers finally agreed on a $ 900 billion stimulus package that would extend unemployment benefits for 11 weeks, send many Americans direct payments of $ 600 and continue the national draft ban for another month.

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But President Donald Trump shocked Washington earlier this week when he called the package a “disgrace” and said that “the next administration will have to provide a Covid aid package” if Congress does not amend the bill significantly. Still, one of Trump’s biggest requests – that direct payments to Americans triple to $ 2,000 from the agreed $ 600 – was already shot down by House Republicans on Thursday.

Now the fate of the entire aid package is uncertain.

These are some of the most important relief measures that Americans would lose if the stimulus bill is not passed.

Unemployment benefit

The legislators who agreed on a $ 900 billion stimulus package included $ 120 billion in additional unemployment benefits.

Unemployed Americans would have their benefits extended for 11 weeks and receive a federal boost of $ 300 per week. Some freelancers and gig workers would get $ 100 extra a week.

More than 20 million people in the United States are currently receiving unemployment benefits, according to to the Labor Department.

If the stimulus package does not come to fruition, at least 10 million of these unemployed will see their benefits cut off in just a few days.

Stimulus control

Protection against eviction and rental assistance

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