The 5 Biggest Nail Trends for 2021



2021 is just around the corner, folks! Wave your hands in the air and while you are walking, take a second to look at your nail beds. Are they polished? Clean? Ready for a new year of opportunities? If you answered no to one of the previous questions, this guide to nail trends to try in 2021 is for you. She, a celebrity nail stylist based in New York and LA, broke down the 5 biggest nail designs in the glorious new year. From metallics with a matte finish to press-ons that make you feel like on a budget, your next nail job awaits.

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Metallics with food

“This look gives Polish a lot of definition,” Elle explains. “It’s a new kind of portable finish that tones down into metallic without making it completely matte.” This look is ideal for those who want to dabble in metallic, but believe that the shine is reserved for the holiday season.

To get the look, Elle suggests choosing a metallic shade and finishing it with a matte topcoat as LeChat Nails Matte Top Coat.


Rock & Roll

“Decorate nails with embellishments for a rock & roll-inspired manicure,” says Elle. “Think smoke, black and metal stones and buds that decorate your mania like a particular must to show your angular side.” You can buy gold nail charms at Etsy or go for a dark energy figure with this Supernatural Nail Kit from Maniology.


Opposites are attracted

If you are looking for a good palette for nail art, take a vibrant shade and wear it muted.

Elle suggests starting by choosing a pastel shade as LeChat Dare to Wear’s Mystic Lilac and mix it with a plain white like LeChat Dare to Wear’s Flawless White to tone it down. “Muted shades have an opacity, so instead of the color being so vivid, the white (or opacity) tones it down to a muted hue,” ELLE explains. “This look gives you a very well-groomed manicure without having to be clean.”



While we can not sit in the nail salon right now, pressing nails can fake a pro mania at home. “Whether you go for a design or a basic shade, the application is light, the look is flawless and they will last about three weeks,” she adds. “Remember that extensive nail polish done in the salon can take hours and be expensive – pressure ons are ready to use and a fraction of the price.” Try this from Chillhouse or check out Kiss Nails for more good options.


The naked manicure

This is the year of nail health! “The bare manicure is defined by beautiful, healthy nails – a clear coat of polish is optional,” explains Elle. “In 2021, we will return to the natural nail and focus on nail health rather than frequent salon visits for acrylics and extensions, especially with salon access restricted due to COVID.”

Since there is a need for pristine cuticle care, Elle recommends a regular use of a cuticle oil LeChat Nails’ CBD Cuticle Oil. “There’s a new innovation on the market to help grow natural nails, which I’m also excited about –StimuNail has LED light therapy technology to support nail growth and strength, ”she adds.

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