The Air Canada Boeing 737 Max ferry changed course after an engine problem


2011 March 13 Canada Ontario Toronto Toronto A Canadian Boeing 737 MAX 8 is being towed by another Canadian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 at Peterson International Airport.

Chris Helgren | Reuters

A Montreal-bound Air Canada Bo-in The 777 Maxcoat was diverted to Arizona earlier this week due to an engine failure.

Pilots on Air Canada 2358 departed Arizona, Marana, on Tuesday to receive an engine warning. The aircraft carrier has stockpiled 737 fighter jets after flying around the world after two fatal crashes in March 2011.

“In such a situation, as a matter of routine operation, we decided to shut down an engine and diverted to Tucson. Three crew members and a passenger were not included. The plane is in Tucson

Boeing declined to comment and referred questions to the airline.

Belgian airline said the aircraft had a low hydraulic pressure indicator. Air Canada did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

US authorities Lift ban After Boeing made software changes related to both crashes on the plane last month. Canadian officials Last week Design changes from the confirmed aircraft.

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