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If there’s one thing ELLE editors crave, it’s candles. At a recent pitch I meet how Boy smells candles helped me get through the pandemic and just thirty minutes later I had this list of the best light brands according to all the editors in this meeting. Yes, I was also very late for my next meeting, but it was worth it. Below you will learn our editor-in-chief’s favorite, Nina Garciaplus everyone on our team, from beauty to art, design, features and culture. When it comes to candles, the ELLE team is full of experts.

Candle Library


$ 85.00

“I love Byredo’s” Bibliothèque “and” Bois. “Both are a mix of all my favorite warm notes: sandalwood, leather and cedar.” –Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

Japanese Encenses Limited Edition Candle


$ 75.00

“I have loved the selection from Aedes de Venustas for many years. There are so many new fragrances to discover as well as old favorites.” – NG

Baies Candle


$ 68.00

“The black stream and rose scent of Diptyque Baes is like poetry to your nose. Fresh, clean and completely transporting.” –Amy Synnott, Editor-in-Chief

Shinola Hotel Candle


$ 48.00

“After a long stay at the Shinola Hotel in Detroit this fall, I fell in love with its signature candles that smell like leather, smoke and cherry blossoms. It’s warm, inviting, but very cool and trendy. It reminds me of feeling safe and taken. off and in the middle of a lot of beautifully crafted things I want to buy. It also has an excellent throw. “-Katie Becker, beauty director

Bora bora

Le Paradis

$ 75.00

The second I received this light, I was immediately transported to the islands of Bora Bora. It is a powerful light that can take up the entire space (which I love!) And has a super long burn time. It is a mini vacation with permission for hand-poured, plant-based soy and coconut wax. –Chloe Hall, beauty director


I gave an esoplys to my engaged father, a handsome man with exquisite taste. His review sums it up perfectly: “Fantastic earthy and cedar scent as if walking through the woods and reminding yourself of the simple things that can be so meaningful.” —CH

Elegant Schwan 06 Opus Mauve Scented Candle

If I want to feel luxurious, I turn on a Krigler candle. The beautiful aromas instantly fill any room and just look so beautiful when they burn. My new favorite candle from the brand is Elegant Schwan 06 Opus Mauve Fragrance Candle. It is the perfect blend of flowers and vanilla that gives me the best mood. —CH

Sunday in Brooklyn

Alexandra Winbush

$ 25.00

“2019 was the first time I caught a scent of an Alexandra Winbush candle. The brand made a collapse with Summer Walker: a lemon pound cake scent inspired by Walker’s breakout single,” Girls Need Love. “It hit every cylinder. Elegantly fragrant without overwhelming the senses. Handmade by a young black woman in NYC. Paired with bespoke teas and curated playlists to encourage self-care as a lifestyle (not just a hashtag). What I love most, is that her three signature scents complement each other; I can turn them all on at once for what the kids call, a * mood *. “-Angel Lenise, indicative video producer

8.5 oz. Flor de Naranjo candles

Coqui Coqui

$ 75.00

“I love the way Coqui Coqui candles, especially the Flor de Naranjo, really make me feel like I’m on a beach in a great place. This one has a bright citrus air mixed with sunscreen. It’s my happy place. . ” –Alexis Wolfe, Marketing Director for Fashion and Accessories

Sicilian Tangerine Scented Candle

NEST New York

$ 42.00

“I’ve always been a fan of Nest candles, but in a year when I desperately needed to be transported mentally to faraway places, their scents – many of which are inspired by destinations around the world – felt more important than ever. Lighting my favorite scent, Sicilian mandarin, sends me to the Italian shores that sit at the top of my itinerary after COVID.Moroccan amber takes me back to the 10 amazing days I spent crossing the country in 2019, blissfully unaware of PPE. Pine reminds me of the evergreen forests where I grew up; Velvet Pear of my father’s fruit trees growing in our garden, and all the while I sit in quarantine in Brooklyn, breathing deeply, grateful to have these fragrant little rays of light to help me dream of better days. “- Kayla Webley Adler, Deputy Editor

Scented candles: Edition 03 – Incense

“My favorite candle brand is the G-version Goop candle (not vagina or orgasm, lol). My signature scent is version 3, called Incense. Although it has notes of the signature nose-filled incense, the light smells. Transports me instantly to a sharp afternoon in the woods with a wood burning stove burning somewhere in the area. It is homely, down to earth and soothing all together and has lasted me a few months despite the scorching night! “-Kevin LeBlanc, fashion assistant

Balmoral candles

Cire Trudon

$ 105.00

“Cire Trudon may not be the most exciting or under the radar, but I love the mossy Balmoral scent that brings a touch of the outdoors to the concrete jungle. During the holidays, I like Spiritus Sancti (also Cire Trudon) that smells for masses in the Vatican.For unscented tapers and columns (because no one wants a scented candle that ruins a festive meal), I love the interesting shapes available from East City Candles and the Greentree home and the colors of the rainbow from Root.And indoor air pollution are genuine, all so beeswax is always best! “-Naomi Rougeau, editor of senor functions

Concrete after lighting

DS & Durga

$ 65.00

“While my favorite hoarding candles are the sacred voices you can find in any Brooklyn grocery store, my favorite actual candles come from DS & Durga. We know them of course for their perfume, but they offer their scents like candles and scents for the car! I love how carefully they build each fragrance and create a whole sensory world around each (including playlists!) They also make flash tattoo days in their Soho store, which I just think is the biggest – I was tattooed with a storm cloud of Minka Sicklinger after purchase of Concrete after lightning light. It just felt right! “-Rosie Jarman, fashion assistant

Jake’s house light

Henry Rose

$ 65.00

“The candle I’ve been burning all season is ‘Jake’s House’ by Henry Rose. It’s a bit of a splurge, but more than worth investing in the long lasting wick and luxurious scent. Plus, the candle is made with 100% pure ingredients, an important philosophy for brand creator Michelle Pfeiffer. “-Savannah Walsh, editorial colleague

Amber Fig Signature Candle

Pharmacies from Cold Spring

$ 35.00

“I buy all my candles from Pharmacies from Cold Spring in Cold Spring, New York. I tend to draw towards more earthy scents, and their signature Amber & Fig candles almost always burn in my home. The candles last a long time (about 60 hours) and are made with 100% natural soy wax, which is a must to really let the scent get through. If all this is not enough to convince you, the candles are packed in a beautiful way and I have several jars that I recycle throughout my home. It’s always a good idea to shop small, but more importantly this year, and they are just the absolute best. “-Katelyn Baker, Deputy Art Director

Natural wax candle

Susanne Kaufmann

$ 89.00

“I love everything about this brand. My favorite was to relax is to turn on this light while taking a bath (and using the amazing bath oil) on days when I need to create a quiet space for myself. The light smells of figs and lemons that remind me of my best friend who is from Italy and grew up with a fig tree in her backyard. “-Julianna Danielson, designer

Honey tobacco candle

Rosy Rings

$ 220.00

“I can’t get enough of Rosy Rings’ botanical candles – when turned on, they look like mini-works of art on my coffee table. Although I want to try every scent, I always go back to the cozy honey tobacco.” –Julie Kosin, senior cultural editor

Lavender at Triple Wick Candle

Sicily Hill

$ 69.00

“The best way to describe my apartment: Small fire everywhere. I love candles and burn through more than the average person probably should. To consolidate, I’ve turned to a big big candle. Sicily Hill makes these triple wick jumbo drinks. inspired scents such as lavender tea, cappuccino and champagne. “-Ariana Yaptangco, social media editor

Woodsmoke Minimalist Candle

$ 28.00

“I’ve been a fan of the Brooklyn Candle Studio for years. Unfortunately, my favorite scent, Tobacco (which smells like I imagine my dreams smell), has recently ceased. But they have a wide range of the hot, spicy and smoky. scents that I love. They’s richly fragrant, but delicate enough not to aggravate my odor-triggered migraines (and I find guys like them too.) My favorites are Woodsmoke (for those of us with non-working fireplaces) Sunday morning (the perfect foil for weekend mimosas); Hinoki (the one who goes on your ski hut vacation); Apple Cider (divine on a cold winter day); Brooklyn (great for a craft cocktail lover in your life). “-Laura Sampedro, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Birthday candles

Date of birth Co.

$ 38.00

“This is the perfect gift for anyone who is obsessed with astrology (including yourself). Each candle has a special scent conceived through a combination of numerology, astrology and tarot. It is all written on the label (I was born August 20) and it says I’m mysterious … can anyone confirm?) and I love the way my smells.If you know the time you were born, they also make a beautiful, super-detailed natal chart. “-Margaux Anbouba, Associate Editor

22K gold nightclub map of Harlem Candle

Harlem Candle Company

$ 60.00

“I love the thoughtful details behind the Harlem Candle Company, especially this limited edition. The ship is reason enough to buy it: the 22k gold print has a vintage card showing Harlem’s best nightclubs (made in 1932 by E. Simms Campbell) and becomes a cocktail glass when you’re done with the candle. Oh yes, and the candle? It’s a sexy mix of white flowers like valley lily combined with mandarin and sandalwood. “-MUST

Cowboy Kush scented candles


$ 32.00

“I love everything about the Boy Smells brand: the unexpected pairing of notes (Cowboy Kush has potted leaves, raspberries and suede), the subtle but stylish packaging and gender-encompassing messages. I have one in every room in my apartment.”-MUST

High Tide Candle

House of Puff

$ 38.00

“You can choose from one of six labels for the House of Puff signature fragrance – I like to like this one in the morning to remind me that I’m getting up and getting things done. It’s a cotton wick and the scent is a nice but fresh mix of white fig, coconut milk, lime and sandalwood. “-MUST

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