The best plans could be canceled by 2020, and a plague for Vladimir Putin


Observers were able to quickly read a good print bulletin. Amending the constitution will redefine the term of the president for a limited period of time Expands Putin’s power A referendum is scheduled for April 2036. Putin seems to have been running for president all his life.

In the aftermath, annus horribilis and Putin’s most difficult year for Russia is likely to continue to this day.

As Covid-19 spread around the world, Russia was briefly at the forefront. It borders China, which Putin said was due to strong early steps to stop the spread of the disease.

But that approach is not merely outright deceptive. Shortly after the government announced a nationwide ban that would begin on March 28, it became clear that the country was in the throes of a public health crisis.

In April, Moscow recorded a 20 percent increase over the 10-year average. Covid-19 death count:

The government has postponed a referendum on constitutional changes.

Russia has said it will finish the job if it wants to assassinate opposition leader Navalny

Doubts about the Kremlin’s effective response to the epidemic and the plight of the Russian people are growing.

Such suspicions have grown as Russian doctors and medical staff have turned their attention to underfunded hospitals and concerns on social media. The deceased They said it was higher than official recognition. Reports of frontline healthcare workers It fell out the window And burn from error Made in Russia Public confidence has further eroded.

Russia’s economic situation is deteriorating. The main export is the country, which has reduced the temptation to coronavirus, which is exacerbated by falling oil prices.

In the middle of this year The World Bank is working on a project Russia’s 2020 GDP growth is set to slow for six years 11-year low rate; With rising unemployment and rising poverty.

Such deep economic pressures could undermine the political agenda of the ruling United Russia party by uncovering weaknesses in the social compact crisis that has devolved power for two decades.

In May, reports of flammable ventilation equipment at an intensive care unit at St. George's Hospital in St. Petersburg raised suspicions about how the Kremlin was dealing with a contagious disease.

Putin’s political stability is a simple deal between him and his countrymen. Accept limited political competition for bargains due to stability and rising living standards. But as the epidemic spread, that agreement broke down.

Protests erupted in July in Khabarovsk, where thousands of unusual street protests erupted, with the support of local governor Sergei Furgal. Who was arrested? The orchestra also prosecuted the murders of two businessmen in 2004 and 2005. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.
Kremlin The same can be said of road safety Protests in neighboring Belarus Following the inauguration of current President Alexander Lukashenko, often referred to as Europe’s last dictator, election observers say the victory in August was marred by widespread fraud.

Lukashenko, who has ruled since 1994, has refused to step down. His security forces brutally arrested thousands of Belarusians. The Kremlin is facing a dilemma for citizens of its close allies who refuse to cooperate with a pseudo-Russian democracy. :

The Kremlin is campaigning nationwide. A nationwide referendum was held to ensure constitutional changes, with the help of the state holiday and the campaign that formed a large part of the country’s large state sector. Manpower

But Putin’s governing democracy faced a new crisis after August Opposition leader Alexey Navalny The flight from Tomsk to Siberia to Moscow was in poor condition

Navalny is leading a campaign called “intelligent voting”, an attempt to get voters to vote in local elections, which have the best chance of defeating United Russia candidates.

According to a CNN-Bellingcat investigation, Russian specialists discovered Alexey Navalny before poisoning Putin.

Russian doctors initially said the opposition leader was too ill to travel, and the Kremlin critic was eventually treated in Berlin.

The German government later revealed that his experiments proved that he was Poisoning with chemical nerve agents From the Novichok group.

The Kremlin has denied any attempt at Navalny, and Russian state television has misrepresented several conspiracy theories to explain the assassination attempt.

The Russian government, however, was quick to criticize international leaders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “At the moment there are very serious questions that only the Russian government can answer.”

One in mid-December The CNN-Bellingcat investigation found evidence The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has formed an elite group specializing in neurological agents that has been trying to navigate Navalny for years.
During his time Marathon Annual Press ConferencePutin’s comments on Navalny reports were as much a brawl as they denied. Will he want anyone? [Russian agents] If you wish, they are done.

Navalny’s toxicity shattered many of the goodwill that Russia was trying to build internationally during the flu epidemic.

In early April, the Russian government seized power through a PR system Delivery of ventilation and protective equipment Go to New York to help hospitals at the forefront of the crisis.
It was a sign on the property: the ventilation was the same A model that burns in Russian hospitalsAnd the US Federal Emergency Management Agency have said they will never be used.

The Russian government has also focused on efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine. It has become a matter of national dignity.

In August, Putin approved the capabilities of the Cold War space race, Sputnik V, a vaccine developed in Russia, but it could not be passed in phase three tests. The Kremlin was subsequently recognized as an attempt to arouse international suspicion. Putin himself will not accept the blow:
This is not surprising. Information about Putin’s health is a closely guarded secret. The presidential administration has made special arrangements for the Commander-in-Chief of Coronavirus, including special installations. “Pesticide tunnel“For visitors outside of Moscow and to his home in the Kremlin

The war between Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan further tested the Russian government’s crisis management capabilities in 2020.

Although the short but bloody attacks ended with the deployment of Russian peacekeepers to Nagorno-Karabakh, the ceasefire agreement also showed Turkey’s regional influence. After the Soviet era, Russia was no longer the only essential force.

Putin  Bolsonaro and the AMLO won the US election

Kremlin science is an inaccurate science. But as 2020 draws to a close, I want to know if Putin is reconsidering his plans to run for president until 2036.

Russian lawmakers have finally approved a law that would extend the Kremlin leader’s release to former presidents for life. Immunity from criminal prosecution:

The bill does not mean dismissal from the Russian presidency. In the end, Putin wants to keep his choices open.

But for some observers, the bill is reminiscent of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s handover of power to Putin on New Year’s Eve 1999. One of Putin’s first actions was to sign Yeltsin’s immunity.

At the end of this active and difficult year, Russian observers will be watching Putin for New Year’s Eve.

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