The bodies of those found on Lake Albert in Uganda have been rejected


At least 26 people have been killed and 21 rescued after a boat capsized Wednesday in a lake separating Uganda and the DRC, officials say.

Ugandan police say they have stopped searching for bodies after boarding a boat in Lake Albert earlier this week that separates Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The boat, carrying about 50 people, was hit by strong winds “and sank” on Wednesday, killing 26 people, local official Ashraf Oromo told AFP.

Local police spokesman Allan Hakiza said 21 survivors had been rescued.

“We stopped the search because we did not have a request. We suspect it was due to extreme weather and bad weather for the accident. I think the boat will carry 40 people, ”Hakiza told DPA.

Uganda’s lakes kill hundreds of people every year, and authorities say accidents are caused by bad weather. Upload and excessive police and police vessels 0 0 0 raided were mainly to blame.

Africa’s seventh largest lake is located between Uganda and the DRC. Many people in both countries, including traders, use the lake to transport goods.

Boat accidents often result in serious injuries and most accidents in remote areas are not reported. Most accidents are usually overloaded; This is due to non-compliance with navigation standards and poor condition of vessels.

In June, two boats were involved in separate incidents in the northeast of DRC. Eighteen people drowned.

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