The Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon was set on fire after the fighting


The UNHCR says a fire in a refugee camp in Lebanon’s Miniyeh region has injured 75 people.

The Syrian refugee camp in northern Lebanon clashed with camp members and Lebanese families on Saturday evening, state media reported.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has confirmed that a fire broke out in a camp in the Miniyeh region and that some people were taken to hospitals, but the exact number is unknown.

UNHCR spokesman Khaled Kabbara told AFP that “all the shelters made of plastic walls and wood were burned.”

About 75 families live in the camp, he said.

The National News Agency reported that the fire broke out between a member of a Lebanese family and “Syrian workers”.

Other youths from Lebanese families “set fire to some of the refugees’ tents,” the NNA added.

The Lebanese National Guard was able to contain the blaze as the army and police were resettled.

A security source told AFP that the fighting took place in Bhanine in Riyadh when Syrian workers demanded wages that their employers refused to pay.

However, a similar source later said that the initial investigation later provoked the controversy of a Syrian woman.

Kabbara said some families had fled the area out of fear as explosions from home gas cylinders exploded.

There are an estimated 1.5 million in Syria, including about one million UN refugees in Lebanon.

Human rights groups have warned that the country is not safe, with authorities urging refugees to return to Syria.

In November, about 270 Syrian refugee families fled the northern city of Bsharre, where tensions and hostilities erupted when a Lebanese man was shot.

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