There was a TV time you completely forgot about in 2020 – eh! Online


Sometimes a year is more like a whole decade

2020 is one of the most special years we have ever experienced. Most of us are in January, March, and April. The first half of February and March – and then the rest of the division. Everything that has happened in the past feels like it did a few years ago, and as time went on it never made sense. It may be March, but it may have been five years ago. Who can say both?

Despite the spread of the disease, there has been a lot happening on TV this year. I forgot most of them. A list of 20 TV episodes that can completely float in our minds to remind you and me, or we may think it happened in a different year.

of course, That’s 20 of them. Because it is impossible to make a list All What we forgot. This will be a long list!

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