Three Burundian peacekeepers killed in rebel ceasefire in CAR


An unnamed militant has killed three Burundian peacekeepers in the Central African Republic (CAR). The rebels, who are fighting the government, reiterated the government’s plans to end the unilateral ceasefire and hold general elections. To take place on Sunday.

Attacks on UN peacekeepers and CAR troops took place in Dekoa, central Kemo prefecture and Bakouma in southern Mbomou prefecture, the United Nations said in a statement.

Three peacekeepers in Burundi were killed and two others were injured, the statement said.

After decades of political unrest and armed conflict, the CAR and voters clashed as a key test to restore stability in the country as the main target of the presidential and legislative elections.

President Faustin-Archange Touadera seeks more power by winning the presidential election, which was won by 17 candidates.

However, opposition groups and the newly formed Coalition of Coalition (CPC), a newly formed armed group, called for a vote after the Central Supreme Court rejected candidates for the election.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Formed on December 19, the CPC, formed by militia groups that control two-thirds of the country, launched an offensive last week and threatened to march on the capital, Bangui.

Bozize has accused the government of inciting the CPC insurgency to disrupt the election, and the government has called the change a “coup.”

The former president has denied the allegations.

Rebels’ progress has stalled with international aid. Russia and Rwanda have sent troops to support Tadoda’s government. The United Nations in South Sudan on Thursday handed over 300 peacekeepers to the CAR to “secure the election”.

The CPC announced a unilateral ceasefire on Wednesday. But the government has said it “strongly rejects this” opportunity for peace. “

Hours later, the UN MINUSCA peacekeeping force said fighting had resumed in Bakouma, 250 km (155 miles) east of Bangui. Attempts to access the main highways leading to more than 12,000 United uniformed troops were blocked but were blocked.

Russia Touadera, a campaigner in Bangui, which includes Rwanda and UN guards, urged voters to go to the polls on Sunday.

They are trying to come to Bangui. You are Central Africans. You have to keep your eyes open, ”he told supporters during the last campaign. “Our armed forces, United Nations peacekeepers MINUSCA; Get help from Rwanda and Russia. They are giving us a hand. Do not let the armed men enter the city.

Faustin Archange Touadera, Central African Republic December 19 He addresses supporters during a political contest at a stadium in Bangui, Central African Republic [Antonie Rolland/ Reuters]

Many opposition candidates have called for an end to the campaign. Jean Serge Bokassa, the son of the country’s autonomous son-in-law, withdrew from the race citing security concerns. Boicize-backed opposition candidate Anicet Dologuele is Touadera’s strongest rival.

Catherine Soi of Al Jazeera reports from Bangui: “People do not want any conflict and want to exercise their right to vote.”

“Outside Bangui, When we go to the countryside, people are very scared. Fighting is heard in many places. People are fleeing, ”he added.

According to the United Nations, increased security and attacks have sent shockwaves through the population, forcing 55,000 people to flee their homes.

Paul Melly, an African programmer at Chatham House, said it would be “very difficult” for the government to expect Sunday’s election to end.

“The United Nations, MINUSCA and the government have made great efforts to mobilize the electoral process.

Distribution of voter cards; We are doing distribution. Many people in Bangui want to put the right to vote first.

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