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Yes, Yes, I know – you’re the best Twatter. And one of your 50 favorite Zins on this list omits border violations. In the same way, This reporter ignores the listings so that your favorite trader-nee-influencer does not miss some of the delicious days that colorfully portray Brad Garlinghouse anatomy.

If this is a consolation, please know that you hate hellsite just as much as you do. This year has been a terrifying year for almost every planet. Crypto possesses a solid global bull, but everyone comes together. Let me find one of these tweets. It was expected to be autumn. When I realized what was first reported two weeks ago, the aneurysm softened.

Logging in to Cryptotwitter: Some of LARP’s most influential people will be told by billionaires that they are two weeks old and that they should have sex with your mother.All right, Lord. Why Spongebob? To submit oneself to endless events of self-destruction. According to Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti, Among the people. Bridges are broken. The void slides everywhere, each creature its secret void. When I wake up, I check every morning.

This is not a “best” Twitter list, as there are no good tweets. They should not be construed as prizes. The only honor to win is “I closed my account” Some of them are funny; But you do not think so. Let me roast in the DMs. 2021 is shorter than 2020.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Tied with Bullinger rope

John Bollinger is a trading legend. By participating in the field, he even teaches technical analysis to even Sunday Soldiers in their spare time. His 2001 book, Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, A classic translated into 11 languages. According to Crypto Twitter, he is “simp”.

In late November, Bollinger called for a possible top formation in Bitcoin.

In response, Crypto Twitter gave the business.

In a way, Bollinger concludes by declaring himself “your favorite simp” and the deep complexity of the toy.

In terms of value, the inferior army was right – the BTC easily passed its status. In fact, the Bullinger mix.

A bear in the forest

@CryptoMessiah is a good following. nice one, He is a top trader, and he will openly reveal that he will eventually drop your bags on you. His weekly Uniswap jewels are especially notable for dangerous plays. But his greatest contribution can be a simple three-word phrase.

“Ape together strong” – Personal version of crypto “send it”. Like “Pump it, Loomdart” yore, it has become a lyric of a new bullet, and the battlefield of countless genocides looms high on prominence.

But not even the gifted can get it right.

Where is the social token?

From Bank podcast host David Hoffman;

Act 1

Act 2:

Personal tokens are bad; He will die in 2020.

Institutions are coming

At the beginning of 2020, they are on fire. Now almost everyone seems to want a big bite.

MicroStrategy and Grayscale seem to be stuck in a race to see which headline can be stolen with a disappointing Bitcoin purchase. Other organizations such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs In addition, cryptocurrency dipped their toes in water. According to statistical research, this is a new trend Accelerated to 2021 Well-known banks and funds seek to secure their crypto positions in the event of any downturn.

Indeed. It has begun to anticipate a critic’s tweet.

Point, Maisie

Elon Musk runs a trolling clinic all year round. 2019 is a less glorious place: In 2020, he filed a lawsuit with the SEC, removing his own coup and keeping his nose clean. Bitcoin believers are wasting its energy bullying believers:

One example is Maisie Williams’ pioneering Guy; The young actress who became famous in Arya Stark game of Thrones. William throws an innocent question into digital e-mail.

This seems to have caused a great deal of grief from Musk, who could have named Arya’s descendants three generations:

But William finally laughed and turned the idea behind Musk back on him.

Brian Armstrong has cleared it up

Musk’s behavior suggests that everyone on Twitter – including powerful CEOs – sometimes seems to be neglected for their own careers. Unlike Brian Armstrong, chief executive of Coinbase.

After the announcementThere is no politics I do not like“Currently on Twitter, the authority on Armstrong – during normal working hours,” he said. Posted by crackpot blog from another CEO One of Joe Biden’s sons scratched his head, saying he had committed suicide to escape political attention.

Despite the misconduct mismanagement that led to staff evacuations and public scrutiny, Armstrong If Coinbase goes public,: That person You can not even run a stable exchange!

Personally, I aim to bring Armstrong’s energy into 2021: everything works godawful and promotes it anyway. What a physical icon.

What am I? You are an injured person

One of the definitions of the broader Ethereum myth is that Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ether’s father, is active. A high-profile spiritual Twitter.

In one of his beautiful paintings, when a merchant sends him some hair, it is a work of great encouragement. Attempting to insult Buterin is a vain exercise, like his walking koan.

Someone known as Dimi will guide us all in the New Year irvana.

Illegal nodes

Decentralization funds are a dangerous beast that can often be similar to the series Ponzi schemes stacked on top of each other: The emerging vertical with ambitious ambitions could be the real future of finance and, at worst, replicate the worst of the worst. An emerging financial infrastructure that is trying to replace it:

Lawmakers, who have proposed rules to guide DeFi to stability, aim to dump the entire orphanage with bath water, as Uniswap founder Hayden Adams points out.

Here is a rule that accidentally bans the operation of nodes in the new year.

Andre did not pay anything

Some people sign contracts before announcing because they have lost money on a few of Andre’s projects. Some people lose money because they have more money than they should. He lost money because some people thought Andre was a Mexican and believed he could not make a mistake.

In all cases, Andre paid nothing.

Global PvE activated

For the most part, by 2020, 40 identical traders were dumped on top of each other. They pulled each other out and made the worst of it.

But the days of PvP (players and players) are over with newcomers and retailers.

Success in the New Year For money and better decisions.

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