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World Tourism Network (WTN) is a new initiative that emerged from a reconstruction. travel discussion that started back in March this year when COVID-19 became a reality. Today, WTN will be launched during the month of December with an official launch starting on January 1, 2021.

In this first launch month, there have been and will continue to be sessions that provide an opportunity to get to know and participate in members of the World Tourism Network and listen to interesting travel and tourism discussions. Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, founder of WTN, shared that these events may be seen and listened to here.

Today it will be exciting to learn from Mona Naffa from the Hospitality Investor Trust in Amman, why Jordan is the healthiest place on earth. Also to Juergen’s delight, Mona during this session agreed to lead the WTN chapter in Jordan.

Mona said the travel industry has been hit hardest by COVID-19 and is likely to take longer to bounce back from this coronavirus pandemic. So with the prospect of travel looming on the horizon, she said the question is: Where would you go that is healthier than your own home in your own country? She suggests that the answer to this question is the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Why is it? There are three reasons in particular: (1) the Dead Sea salt, (2) the Dead Sea lamb and (3) the high oxygen content, all of which justify the wonderful title of the healthiest place on earth. She then took the participants on a tour of Jordan with her video tour guide Sam.

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About the World Tourism Network (WTN)

The World Tourism Network (WTN) is the long-standing voice of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the travel and tourism industry around the world. By joining forces, WTN brings forward the needs and ambitions of these companies and their stakeholders. The network gives SMEs a voice at major tourism meetings along with key networks for its members. WTN currently has over 1,000 members in 124 countries around the world. WTN’s goal is to help SMEs recover from COVID-19.

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