Uganda: Bodyguard killed in pre-election violence, says Bobby Wein


Francis Senteza was killed in clashes between security forces and the singer and followers of the opposition leader.

A bodyguard has been killed for Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine, and two journalists were injured Sunday during violence between singers and supporters of the country’s longest-serving leader and lawmaker.

He said he was hit by a truck belonging to the military police, Kyagulanyi Sententu, called Kyobi Bany Wine, and that his bodyguard died of his injuries.

The victim, Francis Senteza, was attacked while helping to transport an injured journalist during a clash between police and Bobi Wine supporters and police, he said.

Authorities did not immediately respond to allegations that Senteza’s death was intentional.

Bobi Wine received a lot of support on Sunday in central Uganda. As his convoy continued to march from one protest to another, police fired tear gas into the crowd, injuring at least two journalists.

TV cameraman Ashraf Kasirye, who followed Bobi Wine, suffered serious head injuries.

“We hope he lives,” Kasirye tweeted.

Another journalist, Ali Mivule NTV, was injured in a tear gas attack on his leg, the employer said. His condition is said to be stable.

The police and supporters of Bobi Wine confrontation despite trying to suppress violence to disperse a group of reporters the process 0 sadly people were arrested, police said.

Kasirye said the situation was “very bad” after being hit by tear gas.

The three dead were charged with inciting election-related violence, with Ugandan security forces eventually trying to stop Bobby Wein from protesting.

Under pressure from the international community and human rights groups, Uganda is facing respect for human rights ahead of the January 14 elections.

Fraught Campaign

Last week, prominent human rights lawyer Nicolas Opio was arrested for criminal offenses. Activists; Journalists and political dissidents are seen as an oppressive movement.

President Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power since 1986, faces a major challenge from Bobi Wine, who appeals to young people who want to see a change of government.

The Museveni government has often been criticized by the opposition for corruption and unemployment in urban areas. Bobby Wine has repeatedly urged Muse Vini to retire.

Bobby Wine’s campaign has been exacerbated by violence against the authorities. He was repeatedly arrested by police and charged with violating public order

Election authorities on Saturday Prohibited Campaigning events in some urban areas, including the capital, Kampala, citing the urgent need to control the spread of coronavirus.

Some observers have criticized the decision as an attempt to prevent the ruling party from showing support in opposition areas.

Museveni is expected to extend his 76-year-old leader’s life after the last constitutional hurdle was removed by lawmakers.

Uganda has never experienced a peaceful transfer of power since independence from Britain in 1962.

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