US Travel praising Coronavirus Relief package


The President and CEO of the American Travel Association Roger Dow issued the following statement praising the coronavirus legislation passed by Congress, which contains several provisions advocated by the struggling travel and tourism industry to help bring back economic activity and jobs:

“Seeing this bill come over the finish line is a huge relief after months of struggle.

“This legislation is a lifeline for companies and workers who have been stuck by a thread. More than four million travel jobs have been lost this year, and this package includes much-needed measures to help employers turn on – another feature of PPP funding for the hardest hit companies, eligible for non-profit destination marketing organizations, assistance to airports and concessionaires as well as airlines and improvements in tax deductions for employee retention, among many others.

“Leader McConnell, leader Schumer, speaker Pelosi and leader McCarthy all deserve great praise for having seen this hard work completed. Hopefully now that this challenging legislative step has been overcome, we can move into the next Congress with speed for further material measures to rejuvenate businesses and jobs. ”

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