Virgo Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

If you have not switched to “holiday spirit” mode, just wait until Monday, December 21st. Sure, it may be the darkest day in the northern hemisphere, but you will feel as radiant as a thousand strands of flashing lights. When the sun sweeps into Capricorn, you have four weeks to revel in the festive, flamboyant and flirty vibes. Both your romantic life and creative juices will be on point during this inspiring transit. With el Sol illuminating your fifth house with amour, glamor and fun, the world will be your oyster – and main stage – until January 19th. Get your “livestreaming lewk” together, either shopping your own closet or jumping for a few fashionable upgrades. You can restart your passionate mojo, take a bold next step with bae, or if you are single, use your charisma to attract the perfect holiday partner in crime. If you are hoping for someone with goalkeeping potential, screen potential pursuers with direct questions that reveal their intentions.

Later on Monday, the sumptuous Jupiter and the Stoic Saturn are synchronized in the sky at 0º29 ‘Aquarius – an event so important that astrologers have called it “The Great Conjunction.” This only happens once every 20 years, so mark your calendar. Saturn and Jupiter are essentially opposites: Saturn contracts while Jupiter expands. Saturn is cautious and conservative; Jupiter is a whimsical risk taker. At optimal equilibrium, this cosmic clutch can provide an eye-opening revision that reveals the weak spots as well as your strengths. With the great conjunction that lands in your sultry sixth house, you may get a wake-up call to take better care of yourself and find a healthier work-life balance. Call back to stressful activities, ask for help (and let yourself receive it!) And treat your body like the temple it is. Get your heart rate up in the wonderland of winter: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or just walking in the crisp air. When it comes to your work, you need to systematize. Saturn helps you get clever workflows in place so you can enjoy the flowering that Jupiter brings – without burning out! Virgos could work with contractors and consultants all over the world this year, otherwise you might be living a more nomadic life. There can be worse things than producing online content from a remote workstation with sparkling sunset views!

On Wednesday, the lush Mars of your erotic eighth house (sharp!) Locks horns with manipulating Pluto in your fifth house of passion and lust. You want a strong feeling of someone, but be careful where those feelings lead you. It can be hard to stay “neutral” during this intensifying adjustment, but break control of your emotions, Virgo. While it’s exciting and empowering to have all this churring inside of you, it’s also easy to lose your cool in the heat of the moment. Mars, especially in Aries and your eighth house, can blind you to the feelings of others when you unanimously follow a personal agenda. This sexually charged transit can blur the line between love and lust, so if you do not have a committed relationship, remember: You MUST not act on a strong attraction. If you are attached, watch for the shady emotions to emerge today and keep them away from the driver’s seat. Feel them and see what lies behind them – chances are it’s an old unresolved issue, not theirs, and the best (and only) way to banish it for good is to do some healing work around it.

Whether you are sitting six feet apart near the Christmas tree or logging in for multiple zoom sessions, make room for regular breaks in the fresh air on December 24th and 25th! When the Taurus moon shoots up in your restless ninth house, strike will strike with the insistence. Not that you can not go for a snowy stroll and video chat at the same time. Friends from pole to pole can ping you on WhatsApp with holiday greetings – and catching up with them can offset the disappointment of missing out on the usual IRL festivities.

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