Warnock, Loeffler works to mobilize voters for US senators


Georgia Republican Kelly Lofler and Democrat Raphael Warnock were in the running for the U.S. Senate on Jan. 5 as they challenged two million voters to choose one of 18 other candidates in the November election.

According to surveys, they have been successful and Loeffler has a small advantage at present.

Republican US Doug Collins came in third in the November election with 48,000 more votes than the Democratic Party.

In Georgia’s second general election, Republican Sen. David Perdue won 88,000 more votes in November than Democrat Jon Ossoff. But he did not get the majority. The voter may decide.

Republican Sen. Kelly Luffler shows what she says in campaigning [John Bazemore/AP Photo]

As of Wednesday, nearly 2.1 million voters had cast their ballots in line with the November 3 general election. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Early voting per person lasts until late December 31 in some countries.

One of the things that can help voters actively is deciding whether to run in both contests, including advertisements for both contests. Jaime Collins, of the Virginia Center for Political Science, said the partnership helped unite Democrats.

“He and Ossoff did a better job of running as a ticket,” Coleman said. “In general, I think it will benefit Warnock and support some of his encouragement.”

Parties are unlikely to split their seats as candidates run for office. The two victories gave Democrats control of the U.S. Senate, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris split between 50 and 50. A subgroup will keep the Republicans in control of two GOP wins.

Deborah Jackson, former mayor of the Atlanta suburb of Lithonia, joined the victorious Democratic Party behind Warnock in November. She benefited from being a Black woman and the first Democratic party known as the Democratic Castle in DeKalb County, and Warnock warned supporters to go all the way to find her name.

“I had a lot of visible and practical experience,” he said. I think some people are interested in this.

She said some people were outraged that state and national Democrat leaders were trying to clear land for Warnock, but she continued to support him without prior notice.

“Democrats need to control the upper house,” he said. Or at least balance is needed.

At least some of Jackson’s supporters agree. Laura Durojaiye of Stonecrest says she has voted for Warnock.

Durojaiye said she thinks she will study Warnock in the Senate and support her priorities to address climate change and social inequality.

US Senator Jon Ossoff spoke after an early vote in Atlanta [John Bazemore/AP Photo]

Shane Hazel, a Libertarian who won a landslide victory over Perdue and Ossoff, said his constituents told Hazel “he will never vote again because he is afraid of anyone.”

One of the earliest constituencies in the state was Bond, in the northeast corner of Georgia. President Donald Trump and Perdue won with 78 percent of the vote.

Rabun County Republican Secretary Ed Henderson said: “Democrats believe they can get 20 percent of Mother Teresa.

Like many other states in his northeastern Georgia Congress district, Collins was the top voter in the Senate by-elections. “This is Collins,” Henderson said.

Collins was a supporter of Loeffler and Perdue.

Nearly 40 percent of Rabun’s registered voters cast ballots, but Henderson said he feared Trump’s relentless attacks on Georgia’s presidential integrity would hurt the president.

“There is little credible evidence of Henderson making a mistake,” he said.

Republican Sen. David Perdue is in Georgia. [John Bazemore/AP Photo]

Lendffler had never been to his home country, far from Atlanta, and most television viewers were terrified of Henderson.

He said voters had the right to vote if they wished to do so.

Democrats have their own problems. The small towns of Georgia, Savannah; Early voting systems such as Augusta, Macon and Columbus. Voting is low. Democrat voters were disappointed in the countryside.

“Democrats are really struggling to get black voters out of the state,” Coleman said. Can Democrats do well enough in rural areas of the state?

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