Wiaan Mulder leaves Sri Lanka in Centurion for free



Seamer backs up archers after reprimanding Sri Lanka on opening day

Wiaan MulderTwenty-two months after his debut, playing in his second trial described South Africa’s bowling performance as “a little shocking” and concluded that men did not think they were happy with their efforts one day in a boxing day trial.

At SuperSport Park, Sri Lanka scored quickly and launched an uncontrolled attack at the front. “We were a little short. Words got to the top of the stump.” “We did not execute them, we just gave them a little free time.

Sri Lanka scored more than four goals and surpassed most of their goals, but South Africa withdrew three parcels in the final. Mulder said he was responsible for both of them, but still considered himself a workhorse for the attack

“Finding the fourth and fifth stakes is my role in the team.” “My job is not to be a referee, to slow down and slow down the economy.”

The clarity of his work on Mulder’s team is in stark contrast to that of the former international speedster Makhaya Ntini. “It’s very easy for me. We are not good. It is simple and clear,” he said on television. SuperSport: There was no communication between the judges. There was no communication from the captain’s point of view. The way he told them to throw the ball and look for you, even though he seemed to be the one who needed to pour the dishes or asked for the dishes.

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